• April 14, 2024


JELDWEN doors add the natural beauty of wood to any residential architectural style. They come in a wide variety wood species and designs.

Slab Doors versus Prehung Panels

A slab door refers to a traditional style door in which the entire door, including the stiles, rails and panels, are made of solid wood. This is the most expensive option, but it also is the most durable and long-lasting.

Prehung Panels can be a cost-effective option for many projects. They are especially useful if you need to have your door up and running quickly. They are available in a variety styles including flat-panel, arch and shaker designs.

Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors are made from a variety of wood or molded composite material and have a look that resembles solid wood. These doors are durable, economical, and fire-rated.

They can have electrified metal mortise locks, magnetic locks and electrified panic hardware (with concealed or surface mounted vertical rods) installed. These hinges are usually a little wider than solid core doors, so you can run power from the hinge to the mortise locks.

Particleboard or Structural Composite Lumber

A structural composite timber (SCL core) is a very strong material that is made by joining different types wood together. These are a cost-effective, fire-rated option that can be made to conform to specific building regulations.

Sing Core

The patented Sing Core is an eco-friendly lightweight wooden door core that is stronger than steel pound per pound (660 PSI). It is the wood core with unrivaled strength. It can also be used to repair damaged doors.

It is also the only way you can make large oversized wooden doors without bending, twisting, warping, or failing. Peter Sing, the inventor of this revolutionary technology, has made it possible to create a huge wooden door that is large in size and with a nearly seamless plank or wood stave surface.

These cores can be made in a variety of sizes to meet your project’s requirements. They are also fire-rated to meet building regulations.

Suitable Hardware

A solid core door can be installed in either a hollow metal frame or formed aluminum frame, and it may be mounted with electrified mortise locks, electrified panic hardware (with surface or concealed vertical rods), and magnetic locks. These are the most common options. However, you can use other types of hardware depending on your project or client’s preferences.

Suitable Hardware is important when choosing a doors manufacturer, and it’s best to work with a company that can help you determine which type of door will be the most suitable for your project. They can offer valuable advice on installation and maintenance.


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