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Joseph Parker beats Derek Chisora by split decision after recovering from early knockdown

Parker (right) looked more dangerous as the fight progressed

Joseph Parker recovered from being knocked down in the first 10 seconds to beat Derek Chisora ​​on a split decision and maintain hopes of a shot at the world heavyweight title.

The Briton hit New Zealander Parker in the Manchester Arena with an overhand straight to the temple.

But the former world champion turned the tide and landed combinations as the fight progressed while Chisora ​​was getting tired.

It has been found sufficient to make a separate decision 115-113 111-116 115-113.

Chisora, 37, was affected by the rating and said: “I’m not angry anymore. It’s difficult. I train hard. I apply pressure, that’s the treatment I get from boxing.

“I brought it with me. I did more power punches and inside work. I won’t let them slow me down. I will go again. I won’t let them win. They want to retire me, but I am.” it not yet. ” “”

Chisora ​​puts Parker on the floor within 10 secondsChisora ​​put Parker on the floor within 10 seconds

Chisora ​​had said he could retire from the fight because he had to go to the ring before his opponent, a threat consistent with the unpredictability he has displayed in over 14 years as a professional.

Some have wondered why he is still making headlines on pay-per-view cards after 10 career losses, but the right-hand man that put Parker on the silver screen was an instant reminder of his threat.

As always, he tried to raid his opponent with constant pressure, but Parker – eight years his junior at 29 – was building momentum as Chisora ​​slowly faded.

It is mentally taxing, in Parker’s favor, to face such pressure, but he withstood both knockdown and early attack before starting to land good combinations of his own.

In the seventh, a one-two followed by a three-shot sent Chisora ​​back to the ropes, indicating his vulnerability.

In the 10th, Parker followed another one-two with a noticeable short left hook and in the 12th he prevailed again against Chisora ​​when he scored a 29th win after 31 games. Only British heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte have improved it.

When asked if it is possible to win a world title for the second time, Parker said, “It’s very achievable. I just need to train again. There is still a lot to show.

“It was a very close fight. I thought it could go either way. It brought the smoke.”

The former champion can look to bigger names, but the stars at the top of the division have natural economies of scale that make his job all the more difficult.

In contrast, Chisora ​​has to look for a next step. He has shown time and again that he can come up with something.

Del Boy’s Riddle Analysis

BBC Sports boxing correspondent Mike Costello:“I made Parker the winner in three rounds, but I didn’t want to make a strong argument against the judge who favored Chisora. It was convincing heavyweight boxing and – according to Taylor-Jonas – imagine a night like this with a crowd .

“Parker did well to recover from the early rainfall so quickly and for me his clean shot at long and medium distance was crucial. His durability and resilience were factors too, and given the time with his new coach, Andy Lee should it be better. ” come.

“Chisora’s reputation will not suffer from losing a fight like this, and Parker camp has said there should be a rematch – not a difficult sale.”

BBC Radio 5 Live Boxing Analyst Steve Bunce: “Should this be Derek’s last fight? Can you get enough money to risk your reputation? If there is something out there where he can make the same money or close to what he did tonight, then yes.

“What I don’t want to see is that it is reduced to third place on the bill and is there as a test for someone.

“If there’s another heavyweight out there that he can make that kind of money with, let him fight.

“I don’t want Derek to be an ‘opponent’ – he’s better than that.”

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