Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio: lo que hay que saber

Baseball and softball You are returning after 13 years of absence. The new sports are karate, surfing, Sport climbing and Skateboarding o monopaths.

In addition, some new events for traditional sports have been added, including 3×3 basketball and the Madison in Cycling, a two-person team event. Relays and other competitions for teams of different sexes are being added in several sports, including track, swimming, triathlon, archery and table tennis.

An event where athletes a Climbing career different types of walls. The disciplines are speed, boulder (block climbing) and lead (degree of difficulty).

Yes, in the ocean off Shidashita Beach, about 40 miles from Tokyo. The waves will be much smaller than some of the more famous ones in places like Tahiti, Hawaii, and Australia. Surfers can show theirs Stunts and skills more than in the biggest waves.

Although wrestling was eliminated from the 2020 Games at one point, it was eventually resumed so no sport will be missing. Some men’s events in various sports have been suppressed in favor of women’s events to bring the games closer to gender equality.

The IOC selects which sports are included in the Olympics. The committee looks for sports with worldwide popularity and tries to get different regions to have some sports in which they can be successful. Gender equality has been a major concern of the committee for several decades. As a sign, this century has expanded sports such as boxing and wrestling to include women’s competitions.

Yes and no. After indications of state-sponsored doping surfaced at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia was banned from international sport for four years in December 2019, although this ban came later halved.

Similar to the 2018 Olympics, some Russian athletes with no doping history are allowed to take part in the Tokyo Olympics, but they do not officially represent their country. They will be registered with a title to be determined, similar to “neutral Russian athletes”. The Russian anthem is not sung and the Russian flag is not displayed.

Russian athletes can compete individually or as a team if they meet the criteria. For example, Russia has qualified a water polo team for women.

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