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Kyra Sedgwick

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Kyra Segwick’s acting career spanned nearly four decades, but it all started with the soap opera Another World when she was only 16 years old. “I felt like an outsider. Because suddenly you’re different from everyone else. But I was dead serious.”

That seriousness led her to roles in the films Born on July 4th, Something to Talk about, Singles and Phenomenon. Her role as Brenda Leigh Johnson on TNT’s The Closer, which ran for seven seasons, earned her an Emmy and a Golden Globe award. In the signature of her police procedure, the catchphrase “Thank you, thank you very much …” had more to offer than it appeared on paper. “She was unbelievable, underrated everywhere. And killed people with kindness. So she.” thank you thank you so much “was basically their way of saying eff you. and” bless his heart “was a way of saying this person is crazy and i want to kill them.”

After 7 seasons, Kyra Sedgwick closes 'The Closer'

After spending much of her career on dramatic acting, producing, and directing projects, Sedgwick changed gears and is currently starring on the new ABC sitcom Call Your Mother. The series is about an empty nest with two grown children who fly to Los Angeles to be closer to them. The series is set in the future after the pandemic. “We didn’t manage to shoot this in front of a live audience that feels like a loss … But I hope to be in front of an audience and I feel like this was done in front of an audience. It is nice to imagine life when we are past it. “

Last year Kyra Sedgwick and husband Kevin Bacon celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary. On this occasion, Bacon surprised her with two pygmy goats. “I’m notoriously bad with gifts. We also made a deal that we wouldn’t get gifts. And he said,” Well, that’s funny. “So he leads me down to the barn and then he puts something over my eyes and I go in and I smell, you know … shit. I opened my eyes and the cutest little pygmy goats scurry around the corners of the barn.”

For Sedgewicks Ask Me Another challenge will put your newly acquired goat knowledge to the test. Hosts Ophira Eisenberg and Jonathan Coulton ask Sedgwick questions about a Guinness world record for goats in a game called GOAT Goats, which stands for “Greatest Of All Time” goats.

Highlights of the interview

About some of the similarities between herself and her The Closer character Brenda Leigh Johnson

Women become leaders. You will be number one on the call sheet. Or the job as executive producer. But you have a lot more to do. You have to behave with a lot of diplomacy. You have to be careful not to hurt men’s egos, which I am really good at. And I had to be since I was on the soap. That way, Brenda was a really good role model. She could kick her butt, but also with a smile and heels.

About her dreams of being in a musical one day

I just feel like it’s so transporting for both the actors and the audience. Right now I feel like people just long to be back in the theater. They know when all the dancing girls come out and the music crescendos and oh my god! You just want to jump up from your seat in hysteria! I would love to do something like that. Just super super fun. No crying, no big dramatic moments.

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