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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has no doubts over players’ loyalty to Reds

Liverpool are the first English top champions to have lost five home games in a row

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp doesn’t think a Champions League failure this summer would lead to the elimination of leading players from Anfield this summer.

The Premier League champions suffered a fifth consecutive home defeat on Thursday were beaten 1-0 from Chelsea.

Mohamed Salah looked frustrated to be substituted on in the defeat when the Reds fell four points from the top four.

“I know that we have loyalty from the players,” said Klopp.

“It’s not a situation where a player in the squad says, ‘We’re not in the Champions League so I have to go’. That won’t happen. I know them well enough to know that.”

When asked about Salah’s reaction to the trigger, Klopp added: “We lost 1-0, that doesn’t make any player happy. You go off and react differently because you are not happy.

“In the situation where you make such a decision, he looked to me like he felt the intensity. He probably saw it very differently, and that’s perfectly fine.”

Liverpool, who led RB Leipzig 2-0 to the last sixteen next week, won the Champions League two seasons ago and have played in the European elite club competition for the last four seasons.

Five of their six previous European campaigns were in the Europa League, but Klopp turned down proposals that failing to secure Champions League football for the next season could result in prolonged stoppage of the competition.

Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea: Good margins cost Reds, says Klopp after the fifth home defeat in a row

He added: “This club will not be a Champions League regular – this year is difficult, we know that, but the club’s potential and power are completely different.

“I don’t know the team 10 years ago, but we are ready for a fight in this era and with the team we have together.

“The seasons are swinging and we never really made it this year, that’s true, but this club is in a really good position.

“Of course at a difficult time, but in a better position than other clubs, I would say.

“I obviously haven’t thought about what happened in the past, but I can say that no one has to worry about the club’s future because they’re in good hands and have a really good team together. That’s obviously the foundation for this.” a good future. “

Motivation a factor for wriggling reds?

Former Newcastle and Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas believes Liverpool’s recent successes may now affect some of the players’ motivation.

BBC Radio 5’s live expert said: “There are some questions that these players need to be asked over the summer, what they want.

“Has [Jurgen Klopp] encountered a group of players who went to Liverpool to win something and who achieved it?

“It’s a fact that happens to the players. Jürgen Klopp could now have players in the locker room who think they want to move on to something else.

“I’m not saying they want it, I’m trying to find a reason why these players don’t seem to have that motivational factor on this team this minute.”

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