Liz Cheney Confronts a House of Cowards

It all comes back to the Capitol Rebellion. It’s at the heart of the battle that rips apart the GOP of the house four months later. Increasingly, Republicans are painting 1/6 as a loud and loud event, an understandable but certainly embarrassing event in which hundreds of people illegally marched into the Capitol and occupied its halls for several hours. There was some unfortunate violence; it should be prosecuted. But you are not indefinitely, recklessly, and for political reasons, bringing governance to members of a crowd that has been carried away. America is a nation where crowds are carried away. They didn’t tear the place apart like street fighters did last summer. They were goofballs in antelope horns. So get a grip, keep perspective.

There is some truth in that. But it evades the larger, determining, and essential truth.

This has to do with the express aim and intent of many rioters. It wasn’t roaming the halls and screaming. It was something serious and dark: disrupting and preventing the constitutionally required counting of the votes of the electoral college in the 2020 presidential election. That should take place in Congress that day. This act of tabulation is more than two centuries old, formalizes and validates the election result, physically represents the peaceful transfer of power and has never been stopped or disturbed. What happened on January 6th was an attempted attack on the constitutional order.

It was sparked by a lie Donald Trump told his supporters from the day after the election that it was stolen and fraudulent. And timely and implicitly that the certification of the results could be thwarted.

After the election, any attempt to prove the theft failed. Recounts failed, more than 60 legal challenges failed, some before Trump-appointed judges. Dominion Voting Systems filed lawsuits against those who defamed it. The crazy Trump attorneys were on their way.

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