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Man Utd 9-0 Southampton: How do Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side you recover again?

Man Utd 9-0 Southampton: ‘What can I say? It’s awful ‘- Saints boss Ralph Hasenhuttl

Up until the beginning of last season, only one team had been beaten 9-0 in the first 27 years of the Premier League.

Now it has happened to Southampton twice in 16 months.

Manchester United’s 9-0 loss to the Saints on Tuesday came after Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side was hit by the same goal line against Leicester in October 2019. United’s 9-0 win over Ipswich Town in 1995 was the only time this happened.

And similar to the home defeat to Leicester, Southampton suffered an early setback with a send off at Old Trafford. This time the young Alexandre Jankewitz received a red card after just two minutes.

Hasenhuttl and his team experienced a recovery process after this humiliation by the foxes, which three months later recalled the result in the run-up to a 2-1 victory against the same opponent and asked themselves questions about the first anniversary.

They seemed to emerge stronger than before, winning five of their first eight league games that season and being recognized for their energetic approach. Four weeks ago they beat defending champions Liverpool 1-0.

But now the reconstruction begins again.

“We lost again in a terrible way. The same story: One man down and 90 minutes can be long,” said Austrian Hassenhuttl, who injured nine players against United.

“The boys had no alternatives – no players on the bench, no alternatives to defend better. In the end, it’s a different situation than the first time.

“It hurts more to have that result again. But the team is different now and we’ve had a good season so far. Let’s see how the season ends.”

The penalty numbers for saints

  • This was Southampton’s biggest away defeat in any competition and they have now lost four straight league games.
  • About 35% of Southampton’s Premier League goals this season – 12 of 35 – have been conceded against United.
  • It was the first time United had won a competitive game by more than five goals against Southampton.
  • The Saints were the second team in Premier League history after Wigan in November 2010 to receive two red cards against United at Old Trafford.
  • Jankewitz became the first player to be sent off on his first Premier League start since Serge Aurier for Tottenham in September 2017.

How must the Captain of the Saints, James Ward-Prowse, feel? The midfielder was the only player to appear on all 18 goals of the two 9-0 defeats.

Where do the saints go from here?

Former Everton midfielder Leon Osman talks about the BBC’s Match of the Day: “Southampton needs to get results – like last time [they lost 9-0]. They stuck together and galvanized the team. You need positivity in the club. You are on the bad way. “

Former England striker Dion Dublin talks about the BBC’s Match of the Day: “I like Ralph. He’s a very good manager and has a good group of players who will stick together. It’s about getting the best possible management of what happened on Tuesday.”

BBC Radio Five Live Commentator Alistair Bruce-Ball: “I don’t think the Southampton board was ever really interested in getting rid of Hasenhuttl last season after losing 9-0 to Leicester because they always trusted him and believed in him for a long time.”

“There is absolutely no concern about this last defeat because they got off to such a good start to the campaign and will take into account the circumstances behind that last defeat.”

And what about Hasenhuttl?

“Yes, it hurts. It hurts me the most, but I can’t help it – it happened. The only way is that we are together. I sit here and answer and right now I have no alternatives about it, what I’m doing with the team and that’s it. “

Analysis – ‘Hassenhuttl has to make sure there is no hangover’

BBC football reporter Simon Stone at Old Trafford

Answering questions politely, Hassenhuttl insisted that there was a big difference between that 9-0 loss and his team’s loss to Leicester.

They then lost three more games and drew another before changing tactics and embarking on a journey that took them to the top of the table earlier this season.

There were some unique factors conspiring against Hassenhuttl’s team at Old Trafford – a massive injury list, an early red card, and a controversial second.

Trust in the Austrians to turn the situation around remains high.

But with spent the summer constructing “the Southampton playbook”, Hasenhuttl has to make sure that there is no hangover from this shuddering setback, otherwise important questions have to be answered.

The problem with drawing up a blueprint is that you don’t have much leeway if it goes wrong.

He still has support …

And if Hasenhuttl was positively received the first time, he might be able to be comforted by this Saints fan …

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