• December 2, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Biden Infrastructure Plan for Lacking Dome to Shield U.S. from Lasers

ATLANTA (The Borowitz Report) – President Biden’s infrastructure plan has been severely attacked by Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who argued that the bill contains “no provision at all” for building a giant dome to protect the nation from Jewish space lasers.

Greene, whose speech to the House of Representatives was interrupted in several places by standing ovations from her Republican colleagues, said the lack of a dome to protect against Hebrew laser attacks made the bill a “non-starter”.

“I cannot have a clear conscience support a bill that allocates billions for roads, bridges and broadband, but not a dime for building giant domes,” she said.

Greene put a human face on the need for such a dome and said, “For one thing, I live in constant fear of lasers, except on Friday after sunset.”

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