Meet The ‘Hydrosphere’ – A Glass Elevator For Superyachts to Turn into Aquarium

Gresham Yachts Design

The world beneath the waves has always been fascinating and exciting for many. however, Gresham Yacht Designs Have a groundbreaking start that allows you to observe the underwater wonders without putting on a wet suit. The hydrosphere is a concept that connects the yacht and a submersible.

Gresham Yachts Design

The hydrosphere is located on the ship’s hull, which can be retracted to enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding marine environment without the need for an additional captain and crew. It’s simply an elevator with a spacious seating area for up to seven guests. Since the hydrosphere is equipped with on-board lighting that helps illuminate the water, it is accessible to the owner. The hydrosphere can even be deployed while cruising at a top speed of two knots.

Gresham Yachts Design

“The only other way to get this type of experience is by diving into a submersible,” says Steve Gresham, lead designer and founder of Gresham Yacht Design. “But this takes time – to get a submarine ready for launch and into the water it takes at least an hour, if not more. Our hydrosphere only takes a few minutes to deploy, so you won’t miss the fleeting moment when a beautiful marine animal swims by. ‘

Gresham Yachts Design

With safety first, the elevator’s pressure shell extends through the hull and the stair entrance is above the waterline to ensure guests safe entry and exit. When not in use, the hydrosphere is retracted inside the hull protected by an outer hatch and parked above the waterline.

Gresham Yachts Design

Gresham Yachts Designs has pushed itself to the limits of what is possible above and below the waterline. The British studio recently launched its super yacht Emir, which comprised a two-story ballroom. During its 2020 launch, Thor was a 328-foot superyacht that gave a glimpse into the future Explorer superyachts.

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