• February 26, 2024

Mini Countryman SE All4 PHEV [REVIEW]

Stinson Carter

When I get behind the wheel of a Mini, I get to the escape sequence in The Italian Job. All of a sudden I hear “Getta Bloomin ‘Move On” playing in my head. I want to run through the streets of Turin, down old steps, through rivers and onto the roof of a stadium to thwart the Carabinieri. All in a slim suit while making my best impression of Michael Caine. But after a few days in this mood, I found the new Mini Countryman SE plug-in far more convincing than my Cockney accent.

Stinson Carter

The Mini is a car that knows what it is. It doesn’t look over the shoulder at the design cues of other cars for inspiration (assuming you don’t count previous Mini Coopers), and it revels in its miniature with elements like the big round chrome eyepiece command center, the Union Jack -Lines of the taillights and racing stripes in the case of the model I was driving. The double moon rooftops add a sense of interior expanse, and the Countryman’s physical size is ideal – small enough to drag yourself through city traffic, yet not cramped if you’ve been driving for hours.

Stinson Carter

Whether you like the look of the interior is more a matter of taste than function. Retro is usually thin with me, but I respect Mini for having the courage to consistently be what it is. From a tactile point of view, I would have preferred individual buttons on the infotainment system instead of a plastic plain plate where you press a painted button and move the whole thing. Due to the rear seat angle, the attachment points of the rear child seat were positioned unfavorably. Apart from these small problems, the interior of the Countryman – especially in higher equipment variants – is well made and offers a certain Euro-sporty luxury that only a Mini can. Outstanding details for me were the oval gear knob, the rounded inside door handles and the molded leather seats.

Stinson Carter

“I’ll just run the engine for you, shall I?”

The Mini Countryman SE is a bit like Adderall: speed you are allowed to use. You will feel like you are going very fast without breaking any laws. Unlike some high-end sports cars that can feel sluggish late into revs when you’re already plowing towards 80 mph, the Mini Countryman SE manages to get your daily zone 20 to 50 mph Hour feels mischievous. Out of a deadlock, you can find the ground with the accelerator pedal without triggering a helicopter chase.

Stinson Carter

In all normal situations like parking, navigating traffic, and changing lanes – the Countryman is likely a much better size than the car you currently drive. And because of the combination of slim size and excellent visibility for the driver, I drove much faster in traffic than with faster cars. It only shaves seconds off your drive because you can get things done much faster when you can see exactly where you are going and know you can fit anywhere.

At low speeds, such as. B. when leaving the driveway or when driving through a parking lot, it is whisper-quiet and fully electric. Then the gasoline engine joins the party if necessary. His 221 horses are obtained from the combined power of a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine with 134 hp and an 87-hp electric motor, with the petrol driving the front wheels and the rear, so to speak, electrically.

Stinson Carter

“You should just blow off the bloody doors!”

I usually drove it in sport mode, like a dirty carbon pig, but stole some power from a plug-in station in a parking lot shared by a luxury condo and grocery store. I only had it plugged in for about 30 minutes while I was shopping, but after that I definitely felt better. It takes about two and a half hours to fully charge the battery, and you can get 17 miles of all-electric driving on a full charge. Which is really enough for my daily running errands in town. The combined fuel consumption of electric and gasoline is 73 MPGe, with pure gasoline consumption 29 MPG. There are several modes to choose from depending on how you want the engine to prioritize power consumption over gas: one automatic mode that is selected for you, another mode that maximizes battery usage, and another that maximizes gas output. I put it on auto the entire time and never drained the battery which I attributed to my brave 30 minute charging session.

Stinson Carter

“Wait guys … I have a great idea.”

For most of the people who live in a city, this is probably the car that you need. But with a starting price of $ 41,500, it would likely have to have a little emotion or a lot of carbon awareness to buy this car over its all-gas counterpart of $ 33,900. But if your plan is to use this as a fully electric device for daily commutes and errands, and then have the gas pistons fired for longer weekend trips, then I think the Countryman SE offers the best of both worlds.

Stinson Carter

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