• April 16, 2024

More rain in the forecast following weekend deluge

  • “The rain can be heavy, which can create new or worsening flooding problems.”
  • A large-scale outbreak of storms is not to be expected.
  • The Nashville weekend floods were the worst in the area since May 2010.

After a deadly and devastating weekend of flooding in parts of the south, another round of rain was expected in the region on Tuesday and Wednesday, forecasters warned.

Over the weekend, billowing water ravaged the Nashville area, killing at least five people and forcing more people to flee their homes in search of higher levels.

Showers and thunderstorms were initially predicted along the Gulf Coast on Tuesday before expanding north into Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky on Tuesday evening. AccuWeather said.

Precipitation in these states was expected to become stronger and more widespread – precisely in the areas where it is not needed.

“Rain can be heavy, which can create new or worsening flooding problems,” said Mike LeSeney, AccuWeather’s chief meteorologist.

The predicted rain “is not something we want when the ground is still saturated and rivers and streams are so full” National Weather Service in Nashville said. “Many areas will be ill-equipped to cope with the additional burden of increased rainfall.”

In contrast to the weather systems of the past few weeks, which produced dozens of tornadoes and widespread wind damage in the south, no widespread thunderstorms were expected, according to AccuWeather.

“It was a very tough year”:Tennessee struck at least four dead as record precipitation; Floods remain a threat

And there is some other good news in the long-term forecast: “Fortunately, we expect a long dry spell as soon as the rain finally leaves the region later on Wednesday,” said the Nashville Weather Service.

In fact, much of the south could stay rain-free for much of the first full week of April, AccuWeather said.

The Nashville weekend floods were the worst in the area since May 2010. These floods caused 21 deaths in Tennessee and an estimated $ 1.5 billion damage in Nashville.

Weather service forecasters said 7.01 inches of rain fell on the Nashville airport from Saturday through Sunday. It was the second highest two-day rainfall ever recorded in the city and the highest ever recorded on a day in March.

Fire and Emergency Management officials launched boats to rescue about 130 people from homes and vehicles in Nashville alone. Dozens more were rescued in neighboring counties.

March has historically been a turbulent month for Tennessee weather. In March last year, tornadoes killed more than 20 people and destroyed more than 140 buildings in the middle of the state.

Contributors: The Tennessean; The Associated Press


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