Moving Checklist For Beginners

As a professional mover, we do everything we can to make your move as smooth as possible. But even if you choose to carry out the activity yourself, we will give you some tips for moving. These tips can be found below under the to-do list moving. With these tips for moving, you will not be faced with surprises. We have drawn up this to-do list with the knowledge and experience about moving that we have built up over the years. Because we are always busy with the relocation of private individuals and companies, we know what is involved in a relocation. Can you only think: “Help, I’m moving!” and you don’t know where to start? Then keep our moving to-do list at hand!

Preparation: from the final purchase of your new home

●    Sell ​​the old house.

Do you still have to sell your own home? Then contact a broker in time! If you plan to sell your old place too tightly, you run the risk that your house has not yet been sold if you already move. Then you have double costs for a while, which is not pleasant at a time that is already expensive in the purchase and furnishing of your new home. Think about what things you want to leave behind / take over by the buyers of your house.

●    Adjust tax matters.

A change in your mortgage costs affects, for example, your tax. Check the effect of your changing mortgage costs on your tax status, and make sure that you are not faced with surprises later on. Move Inn Estates team is really a company of specialized masters in the property management industry to help facilitate the letting process, both for tenants and landlords.You can consult for your case.

●    Determine work in the new house.

What should be done about the latest home before you move? Do you do this yourself, or have it done? Also, look at the insulation of the house and ask the sellers for energy bills if necessary. This way, you know whether you also need or want to carry out additional insulation work.

●    Determine which style you want to achieve with the renovation.

Do you want a rural or a modern new kitchen? Do you opt for a parquet floor or a laminate floor on the first floor? Determine what your house should look like after the work and choose the necessary materials for this.

●    Request quotations.

Request quotes for the work you want to have performed.

●    Arrange tools.

Buy the necessary tools or ask around to borrow them from family members or friends. Renting can also be an option.

●    Measure new house.

Measuring the new home spaces: do your furniture and other items fit in the new home? Do you need to replace some of your current furniture? Should the replacement take place immediately, or is it possible after the move? Will your current washer/dryer/fridge/freezer fit into your new home? Where are the sockets located?

●    Make inquiries about the details of your new home.

Check with the current residents if there are any particularities about the house you need to consider.

●    Inquire about the business acquisition.

Ask what things the current residents are leaving behind / offering for takeover.

●    Check if everything is working.

Check whether all equipment left behind by the current residents is working.

●    Find out whether you are entitled to housing benefits.

When renting a new house: find out whether you are entitled to housing benefits. It can be found out via the tax authorities.

●    Select a new school / daycare / GP / dentist .

By arranging these matters now, you reduce the chance of getting on a waiting list and not having a doctor or dentist in case of an emergency. You are also more certain of your child’s place at the school and care of your first choice.

●    Arrange moving boxes and other moving equipment.

The sooner you do this, the sooner you can start sorting out and packing your things. You can also rent moving boxes cheaply at Student Removal Service. Also, think of other moving supplies, such as moving blankets, straps, mattress covers, packing materials, white goods covers, furniture covers, tape, a black marker, labels for the boxes, etc.

●    Convert or re-purchase gas/water/electricity/telephone/internet:

Terminate these subscriptions or contracts for your old home and close them for your new home. It is an excellent time to compare once again prices and other terms and conditions of different providers.

●    Clean up.

Now is the time to clean up thoroughly. What do you want to bring to your new home, what not?

Can someone in your area use your old stuff well? Otherwise, you make the cycle happy with a lot of things. Don’t you mind putting in some extra effort and making some extra money? Then put your stuff on Marktplaats.

●    Determine the exact relocation date and request leave.

Also, consult with your employer so that you can get time off on that day and possibly the day after.

●    Choose whether to engage a professional moving company.

Decide, possibly based on various quotations. Do you live on one floor? Then a moving lift can be helpful.

●    They are asking family, friends, and members for help with moving and DIY.

Many hands make light work. Also, ask whether they have, for example, moving boxes / moving blankets/straps/hand carts/dogs to borrow.

●    Check whether you are entitled to a relocation allowance.

Are you moving for work? Then you may be entitled to a relocation allowance. The conditions for eligibility for this reimbursement can be found on the website of the National Government.

●    Arrange any storage space.

Do you also need (temporary) storage space? You can sometimes go to a moving company for this (ask us about the possibilities).


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