My Favorite Magazine Is a This Free Fungi Perfecti Catalog—Yes, You Heard That Right

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The magazine’s paper was matte with a slight sheen, almost wrinkled, and the photo on the cover looked like it was taken at dawn. The subject emerged from a dark forest and looked in amazement at a barrel-shaped organism hanging from a tree. The man was Paul Stamets and the object of his desire was a Agarikon Mushroom.

I immediately recognized Stamets as the mycologist for Fantastic mushrooms– a 2019 documentary that explores the rich environmental and healing properties of mushrooms – and the article reads like a wonderfully nerdy addition to the film. I loved it. As I flipped through the magazine, I learned about the benefits of different types of mushrooms and how mushroom spores are made, read a recipe for reishi chilli, and discovered a plethora of nutritional supplements and foods.

I think now is probably the time to tell you that this “magazine” is actually a free catalog (remember this one?). It came in the mail with my last order from Host Defense MyCommunity capsules from Stamets’ company, Do the perfect. I started taking the immune defense mushroom mix of 17 last year while suffering from a particularly bad cold. All I can say is that I haven’t been sick since.

The Washington-based company Fungi Perfecti was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to the cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and their sale in the form of dietary supplements. Extracts, Teas, and more. They have been publishing the annual catalog for more than 30 years with the simple aim of making their customers (me) aware of the wide world of mushrooms. Sure, it’s branded content – but it’s also great read.

I’m not a mycologist, but I love cooking with shiitakes and chanterelles, and I swear by my mushroom supplements. Ads for mushroom growing kits and tinctures appear regularly on my Instagram feed. What I love about Fungi Perfecti – apart from that Morel beeswax candle and smoothie-perfect powder– It is the company that has been researching, seeking and developing mushrooms for consumer education and healthy consumption since 1980. Stamets believed in the power of mushrooms before you could double-tap them on your smartphone and channels to share his knowledge as a peddler of his products.

Browsing through Fungi Perfecti’s thoughtful catalog is more holistic and fun than the virtual buying experiences I expected. Along with a refresher on mushroom products, the analog approach informs me of the research results that go into their development and helps me determine which consumables are right for me – whether or not I buy from the brand. I will be keeping the catalog until next year when it is released so I can look for fun mushroom items when it is time to refill my capsules. Some call this good marketing. I call it magic.

Mushrooms Perfecti MyCommunity mushroom capsules

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