• October 4, 2023

Nasdaq Leaders: Rebecca Bisland on Creating an Inclusive Environment for all Employees

In honor of Month of Women’s HistoryWe have leaders and trailblazers of VICTORY (Women In Nasdaq) network that discusses their roles, different backgrounds and role models for young women pursuing careers in business, technology or finance. We spoke to Rebecca Bisland, Head of Organizational Strategy and Business Partnership, Global Technology & Investment Intelligence at Nasdaq.

Tell us about your role as Head of Organizational Strategy and Business Partnership, Global Technology & Investment Intelligence at Nasdaq.

In my role, I work with the heads of our Global Technology and Investment Intelligence businesses to ensure that their HR and business strategies are aligned. Our employees are our greatest asset and create our competitive advantage. By connecting our business strategy and people strategy, we ensure that we always have the right talent to make our strategic ambitions a reality.

What is the best part about working at Nasdaq when you are a technical talent?

Nasdaq is a place where the best and brightest really come together to challenge and support one another. One of Nasdaq’s core values ​​is building your expertise. We have a culture of lifelong learning and we never sit still! Being surrounded by brilliant technologists every day motivates you to keep improving your skills. Just as important as the way we challenge each other is the way we support each other personally and professionally. This makes Nasdaq an inclusive culture to build your career in.

How can companies support their female employees both professionally and from home?

Nasdaq is focused on creating a supportive and inclusive environment where all employees, including our parents and caregivers, can truly thrive. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Nasdaq was providing (and continuing to provide) parents and caregivers with 8 hours of flextime per week. This allows employees to take a few hours or a full day off a week each day to ensure that their families’ needs are met during this challenging time (without taking vacation days). I won’t try to list all of the other benefits we offered, but some include meditation classes, free subscriptions to wellness apps (including Peloton, Calm, and Daily Burn), antibody tests, and ergonomic chair supplements.

What are you most looking forward to in the future of technology in your role?

In my role, I always focus on the future of tech talent and how we can bring the best and brightest into the Nasdaq family. We are ready to see an unprecedented change in the way we work together. I keep an eye on the tools of the future that will allow us to work remotely and expand our talent network further than in the past.

What is your advice to young women who are aiming for a career in technology and business?

Let yourself be scared, but do it.

Too often we reach for what is simple and familiar, but the best career choices I have made have been the ones that initially terrified me. When you know you are great at a job, aim higher. Find the job that you are not yet 100% qualified for, reach for it and challenge yourself to become overqualified by building new skills.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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