• December 9, 2023

Nets security guard reprimanded for shoving PJ Tucker

The NBA reprimanded the Brooklyn Nets security guard for aggressively knocking out the Milwaukee Bucks PJ Tucker during an altercation between Kevin Durant and Tucker during the third game in Milwaukee.

Antjuan Lambert, who is listed as Director of Team Security in the Nets Media Guide, will not play any remaining games in the Eastern Conference semifinals in Milwaukee and will not be assigned to the Brooklyn court area during the series, the NBA said.

The incident occurred at 4:21 minutes in the third quarter on Thursday. Tucker fouled Durant and the two players began a heated personal conversation. Lambert ran into the square and forcibly pushed Tucker out of the way. Tucker immediately objected and started yelling at Lambert. A Bucks security officer came between Lambert and Tucker.

According to his LinkedIn page, Lambert worked in a similar position at Golden State for a season when Durant played for the Warriors. Lambert also served as Durant’s personal bodyguard at one time, according to The Athletic.

“I know enough – I think it has been cleared up – that it was the safety of Nets, and in the heat of the moment you know that people are coming to try to de-escalate things and to try things Get under control, and not bump and escalate and “have made things a bigger problem than what we’re trying to address or de-escalate,” said Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer. “And in the 24, 48 hours since then, though it’s a Nets security man and he’s bumping into our player, that just doesn’t seem like the protocol, and that’s what we would expect from any kind of security, be it Bucks or Nets or Fiserv or Barclays Center or wherever you play. “

The Nets lead the series 2-1. Game 4 is Sunday in Milwaukee.

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