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Nick Cannon unveiled as Bulldog, returns as host

Spoiler alert! The following contains details from the April 7th episode of “The masked singer, “including the identity of the exposed celebrity.

And we have arrived at “The masked singer“Group B finals!

But it wasn’t just Black Swan, Chameleon, Crab, and Piglet who battled to advance to the next round. Another wildcard, Bulldog, was introduced to stir up the singing competition. And that wasn’t the only source of drama. After Crab sang he was overheated in his costume and needed a break to cool off. (More on this below.)

Once again, Niecy Nash has been hosting Nick Cannon since he became Tested positive for COVID-19 in February. The show’s sleuths – Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke – were all in attendance to scour the clue packages for tips on identifying the challengers. They also got glimpses of what each participant considered a meaningful item after their performances. Here’s how it all went.

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Black Swan increases with song selection

Hints: Being dressed up reminded Black Swan of trying to get into show business. “When I started my career, I was concerned about how my appearance would be perceived,” she said. “So I sent my auditions without a face to be judged only on my talents.” The physical clues in the package included three “10” s scrawled on the side of a mailbox, fall leaves, and a piece of Montana state on a backpack.

On stage, Black Swan showed off her vocal range with Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”. Then she explained the importance of a unicorn sculpture. “This is in memory of one of my best friends,” she said, “an incredible singer who has passed away and is no longer with us.”

Assumptions: McCarthy thought of “Hannah Montana” actress Emily Osment, while Thicke suspected “Victorious” star Victoria Justice. Jeong relied on actress Brenda Song from “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”.

Piglet moves a panelist to tears

If the audience were live, we'd bet Piglet will pull squeaks.

Hints: Piglet paid homage to his lover in his note packet. “Somebody unexpected appeared and turned my life around,” he said. “Because of her, I’m now a family man, which has brought a whole new meaning to my life.”

His favorite song, Lukas Graham’s “7 Years”, featured a voice reminiscent of Nick Lacheys – or whoever that disguised celebrity is. (Lachey, we firmly believe it’s Lachey!) Piglet’s rendition made McCarthy cry as she remembered her 18-year-old son, Evan.

Piglet’s meaningful item – a necklace with dog tags and the letter “P” – only confirmed our suspicions that the candidate is 98 degrees Lachey, as the singer previously said how much his dog tags mean to him.

Assumptions: The panelists thought of other boy bands, however. Scherzinger suspected that Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and McCarthy were thinking of his bandmate AJ McLean. Jeong raised former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

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Krabbe asks for a break: “I can’t breathe”

This challenger (Crab) had to go off the stage.

Hints: In a bit of premonition, Crab stated in his hint packet that his costume made it “hard to breathe”. He remembered his childhood and how his mother made him watch her prepare dinner, which helped develop a passion for cooking.

On stage, Crab’s version of Rick James’ “Give it to Me Baby” was lauded. When Scherzinger praised his performance, the candidate asked for a break.

“I have to take this off,” he said, breathing heavily. “Pull it out!” he pleaded repeatedly before leaving the stage. “It’s hot! It’s hot!” he said backstage. “I can not breath.”

After cooling off, Crab returned to the stage where he presented a black bowler hat that belonged to Sammy Davis Jr. “I admire it so much that I wore it as often as I could,” he said.

Assumptions: McCarthy originally thought of comedian Martin Lawrence, but then withdrew and suspected “My Prerogative” artist Bobby Brown (a guess we can leave behind). Brown has rocked a bowler hat and written about learning to cook from his mother. Jeong speculated that Crab could be the Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman.

Chameleon puts on the mask for his child

Could be chameleons real faces

Hints: Part of Chameleon’s motivation to join Masked Singer is to want to impress his “little chameleon”. He said he changed his wild way to “be a superhero ninja for the little ones. I’ve decided to partying less and practicing martial arts.”

Chameleon showed his rap skills during his performance of Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop” before explaining the meaning behind hot wings. “Well, when someone knows me, they know that I always cook something in the kitchen,” said Chameleon.

Assumptions: Scherzinger suspected that the person behind the disguise could be rapper “No Hands” Waka Flocka Flame, and McCarthy thought of “bloody Valentine’s Day” artist Machine Gun Kelly. But it is Thicke who, in our opinion, is on the right track with his suspicion of the “Black and Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa. The artist also has a restaurant with hot wings on his menu.

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Bulldog breaks into competition

Meet the bulldog.

Hints: Bulldog said he “made moves with panthers and pit bulls in every green field and ran as fast as a human torch”. He also revealed that he’s “technically the sexiest dog alive, folks”. A bowl labeled “Super” indicated a sports figure behind the panel.

Bulldog chose to sing New Editions “Candy Girl,” which he dedicated to Nash. The song allowed the celebrity to show off his whistles and dance moves as he strutted across the stage.

Its meaningful object – a sign that reads “And … live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” – conveyed Bulldog’s commitment to the Big Apple and its humor (or just his love for “SNL”).

“My kennel is in New York,” he explained. “I’m just a comedy lover who loves going live.”

Assumptions: Jeong got “Rush Hour” star Chris Tucker vibes. McCarthy initially thought of comedian Eddie Murphy, but also mentioned stand-up Chris Rock.

The day of a (bull) dog is over, but the microphone is back in its paws

Nick Cannon and Niecy Nash continue

Nash started the elimination round with a vote. She said she would be the one to choose which candidate to debunk – she chose Bulldog to reveal his identity.

And the reveal was iconic, to say the least. The bulldog celeb was none other than the host we missed, Nick Cannon.

“I have dedicated all my work to you (and) you will get rid of me!” Cannon told Nash after the reveal.

“You really are a queen and you stood up for me during my illness, in a difficult time for me,” he thanked her. “To be able to watch you do your thing amazing and shine here, I really thank you. Thank you very much.”

“I love you, friend,” replied Nash.

“You did well!” Said Jeong. “You did well!”

“You threw your voice great too,” Thicke congratulated.

Episodes from “The Masked Singer” can be viewed on Fox’s website.

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