• April 14, 2024

No Discrimination Talk Allowed – WSJ

Ordinarily, anyone who brings a case of racial discrimination will find a sympathetic ear in California Democratic MP Ted Lieu. But not Peter Kirsanov, a member of the US Civil Rights Commission. During a House Justice hearing Thursday on diversity at the Bundesbank, Mr. Kirsanov ventured to mention Harvard’s treatment of Asian-American applicants – and a disgruntled Lieu MP was quick to silence him.

“Stop bringing up irrelevant topics, there are more Asian Americans in these Ivy Leagues than in federal justice – they are not represented. These are various problems that arise, ”he snapped at Mr. Kirsanov, and we mean snapped.

Mr. Kirsanov made Harvard’s confessions when he agreed that Asian Americans are underrepresented in the judiciary. His point of view is that a disproportionate number of federal judges come from elite schools like Harvard. The more Asian Americans are kept out of this pipeline, the fewer will end up in the Bundesbank. Mr. Lieu also alleged that Mr. Kirsanov mentioned Harvard to divert attention from the issue of discrimination. But the Congressman’s overheated reaction suggests that the truth is the opposite.

Amid concerns about rising anti-Asian bias, Mr. Lieu and the progressives are desperate to quell any debate about discrimination against well-qualified Asian Americans by leading universities. They don’t want Americans to know that the left prefers racial discrimination when it suits their political ends.

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