No Speech Coddling in Chicago

Most college administrators are undoubtedly tired of the constant demands of students, which range from the type of grain served in the dining room to the latest fad. So, those who run the University of Chicago must be pleasantly surprised to see Chicago Thinker arrive on their campus this school year. It’s an online journal by conservative and libertarian students who refuse to be canceled.

Your mission statement makes the point: “We ask not to be pampered. Leveraging the experience of unrestricted research and freedom of expression is precisely the point of these years of intense study: rigorously confronting and challenging our deepest beliefs – and emerging from the experience as more thoughtful, informed people. “

You build on a solid foundation. In 2015, the university issued a statement reiterating its commitment to “free, robust and uninhibited debate and deliberation”. In 2016, the university’s freshman received a letter informing him that “we do not support so-called trigger warnings, we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics could prove controversial and we want to create intellectual safety spaces in which to Individuals can withdraw from not condoning ideas and perspectives that are at odds with their own. “

The latest Chicago Thinker posts include stories about the “crazy COVID rules and snitch culture” in universities today, a definition of conservatism offered “despite outrageous cartoons,” and an article on “How the Left Ruined Stargirl,” a superhero television series based on the character from DC Comics. Good for the Chicago Thinker – and even more so for the university, which promises never to pamper the students who run the publication.

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