No Time To Die delayed until October 2021

MGM, Universal and Bond producers at EON announced today that the film No time to die will be postponed until October 2021.

The film was already expected to be postponed, and in the past few weeks some rumors have grown that a delay is imminent.

The official announcement is on today reads: “No Time To Die will be released in cinemas worldwide on October 8, 2021.”

The delay wasn’t a big surprise and in some ways this is good news as it doesn’t seem possible to get the coronavirus pandemic under control before April. Hopefully by October most people will be able to go back to the theaters.

I repeat my message from the last delay: This is not an easy decision for everyone involved, but once again I fully understand and fully support the decision.

We must continue to do OUR part of bringing the root cause of this delay, the global pandemic, under control (for a lot more reasons than just releasing this film, of course) so that the whole world can see the Bond film in theaters in October can experience.

The James Bond franchise needs the support of the fans. And I repeat my advice to just enjoy everything No time to die Snippets, trailers, music, product releases, and re-watch the previous 24 Bond films and read the original novels.

James Bond will return! Will it be October 2021?

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