Opinion: Braun for the States

The democratic sneak attack on states that pursue sound financial policies is met with resistance. Indiana Senator Mike Braun read our editorial this week, putting in laws that would remove the language Democrats put into their $ 1.9 trillion spending bill at the last minute to ban government tax cuts until 2024.

“Democrats are trying to exclude states with a sneaky change to the so-called COVID aid package amounting to 1.9 trillion US dollars from tax cuts,” Braun said in a press release on Thursday. “With this rescue plan for the blue state, states were not only penalized for reopening by calculating state funds on the basis of unemployment. Now they are trying to use it as a back door to prohibit states from lowering taxes. My bill would make sure they couldn’t get away with it. “

National Democrats used their spending bill to give more money to states that were largely democratic and had stalled their economies the longest. Then they told states with better economies that if they accepted their share of the $ 1.9 trillion, they couldn’t cut taxes.

This is a big problem for Republicans. Washington imperialism is not going to go down well in many states, and GOP governors and senators should alert voters that the Biden Pelosi Democrats want to run their states too.

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