• April 12, 2024

Pistachio Is the Best Nut, and Pistachio Milk Is the Best Nut Milk

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Editor-in-chief Sonia Chopra, presumably on a caffeine high, threw the BA office into heated debate with this controversial slack: “After 11 months of being extremely picky about coffee and spending most of my disposable income on beans, here I am admit I’m obsessed with the new pistachio butter Starbucks latte. “

“I want it,” the editor basically agreed Sarah Jampel. Test kitchen manager and resident coffee nerd Chris Morocco registered a betrayal – “Et tu, Sonia?” – to which Sonia replied: “I will literally order everything, if you tell me there are pistachios in it, I’m sorry !!!!”

I’m not a Starbucks drinker, but I’m Team Sonia on this one. The best ice cream? Pistachio gelato. The best way to eat winter citrus fruits? Drizzled with good olive oil and sprinkled with pistachios. The best reason to have kids? Tiny fingers to do the shelling for you. So it won’t surprise anyone when I say that my new favorite non-dairy milk is pistachio milk.

Although there are other nut milk products on the market that contain pistachios – in addition to almonds, which, to be honest, are a filling nut –Táche is made only with pistachios and pistachios. Their original blend is lightly sweetened with cane sugar (there is an unsweetened version too, but the original blend is the clear winner for me) and, unlike oat milk, has no added oil. It foams like a champion with the help of one of those $ 3 wandsor even when shaken. Thanks to a little salt, it’s both sweet and savory. And above all, it tastes like pistachios.

If you’re someone who prefers a stale milk that adds body but takes a back seat most of the time, this may not be the milk for you. But the fact that Táche tastes like something – especially pistachio, king of nuts! – is the whole point for me. My oatmeal becomes pistachio oatmeal, hot chocolate is now pistachio hot chocolate, and that French toast I made the last of my Christmas panettones? French toast with pistachio panettone, a series of words that fill me with almost unbearable joy. And while I’m usually not the bulletproof coffee guy, a spoonful of brown butter stirred into a táche latte (made with the good beans) sounds like a great idea. I know Sonia would agree.

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