• April 19, 2024

Putin and ‘Consequences’ – WSJ

Most Americans haven’t noticed, but the world is getting more dangerous every day. The hottest place right now is the Russian border with Ukraine and the Black Sea, where the Kremlin has amassed more armed forces than ever since it invaded the Donbass region when Joe Biden was vice president.

Vladimir Putin’s ambitions are not clear, although some believe he wants to control the entire Black Sea coast and keep Ukraine under pressure. An invasion to conquer more Ukrainian territory is also possible. The US Navy has sent two ships to the region.

On Monday, the US also joined the other G7 foreign ministers and urged Putin to cease and refrain: “These large-scale troop movements constitute threatening and destabilizing activities without prior notice. We call on Russia to end its provocations and reduce tensions in the Promptly dismantle in line with its international obligations. ”

Mr Putin has never been one for “international obligations”. So don’t expect the G-7 to frighten him – even if the foreign ministers, like them, demand that he be “the one in Chapter III of the Vienna Document. “International Law: Such a beautiful fiction.

State Secretary Antony Blinken was a little more energetic on Sunday at NBC’s “Meet the Press”: “So the question is: will Russia continue to act aggressively and ruthlessly? If so, it was clear to the president that there would be costs and consequences. “

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