Randi Weingarten Sees the Light

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, jumped onto the galley on Thursday, which has already left the station. “There is no doubt: schools have to be open. Personally. Five days a week, ”said the union leader of the teachers in a speech.

It’s nice of her to say now that almost all school districts have announced plans to return to face-to-face study five days a week this coming fall, amid growing pressure from parents. Countless studies have shown that schools are not a major cause of the spread of Covid and that younger children are unlikely to transmit the virus.

On the other hand, the learning losses from a year of virtual education were significant, especially for low-income children. School closings and irregular timetables have also kept many mothers from work.

Ms. Weingarten and her union friends, who run large boroughs, have held children and parents hostage in order to get more money from Washington for higher salaries and pensions. The $ 1.9 trillion that the Democrats passed in March includes $ 129 billion for K-12 schools, on top of the $ 13.2 billion made available in the Cares Act last spring, and the $ 54.3 billion in the December Covid Act.

Schools didn’t have to reopen to get extra money. The Congressional Budget Office forecast that only $ 6 billion of the $ 129 billion would be spent in fiscal 2021. Most of the loot won’t be given out until 2023 or later, and some not until 2028. Talk about a gift that you keep giving.

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