RG3 takes shot at Kirk Cousins after Vikings took QB Kellen Mond

Robert Griffin III shot his former teammate Kirk Cousins ​​after the Minnesota Vikings drafted a quarterback on day two of the NFL draft on Friday night.

While discussing a draft analysis show of the Bleacher Report, Griffin was asked about the Vikings’ 66th overall selection of ex-Texas A&M passerby Kellen Mond with the 66th overall selection coming in the third round.

NFL DRAFT TRACKER:Analysis of each selection in the second and third round

“Yeah, I can tell you Minnesota # 8 isn’t exactly happy right now,” Griffin said. “Because Kellen Mond is exactly what he’s not good at. Kellen Mond is the big, physical quarterback. He can run it, throw it all over the field, and I don’t think that’s something No. 8 can do in Cousins ​​in Minnesota. But I think that’s what the coaching team and administration are looking for. “

Griffin and Cousins ​​were teammates in Washington from 2012 to 2015 after being inducted into the same design class. Griffin was the team’s starter but was eventually used in former coach Jay Gruden’s first season on behalf of cousins.

Cousins ​​originally took Griffin’s place due to multiple injuries, but he later surpassed Griffin before Washington released Griffin in March 2016. Cousins ​​signed with the Vikings at the start of the 2018 season.

“As you have seen, cousins ​​there in Minnesota have been collecting checks for a long time and putting them into the 8-8, 9-7 season,” Griffin continued. “If he’s got a bad start to the year like he did last year, I could see the fans and maybe the organization tilting to the moon when he comes in and impresses.”

It wasn’t just about cousins. Griffin praised Moon, who ended his career at Texas A&M as the all-time leader in the program for total offenses (11,270), overtaking yards (9,661), passing touchdowns (71), completes (801) and attempts (1,358) . .

“Moon had a lot of inconsistencies in his game,” said Griffin. “And the biggest thing, last year, he actually improved dramatically, but some NFL judges who have looked back at him over the years of his starts at Texas A&M are still a little skeptical of him. But I’ll give you this say: With great determination and great coaching, this is a guy who could be a real climber in the course of his career. “

Griffin, who is currently a free agent, played for the Baltimore Ravens last season and made a start when Lamar Jackson was out with COVID-19. Griffin then sustained a thigh injury That game had a week 12 loss to the Steelers that paused him for the remainder of the season.


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