• November 28, 2023

Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood secretly battled cancer during pandemic

Rolling Stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood says he’s cancer-free again after secretly battling the disease for the second time at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 73-year-old rock legend revealed that he was recently diagnosed with a form of small cell cancer, which typically affects the lungs or prostate. according to the Mayo Clinic. Wood battled lung cancer back in 2017, which resulted in part of his lungs being removed during a five-hour operation.

“I’ve had two different types of cancer now,” he said in an interview with Britain’s The Sun Monday. “I had lung cancer … and I recently had small cell cells that I fought in the last lockdown.”

USA TODAY has contacted Wood’s representative for comment.

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Wood said he had received the “all clear” from his doctors and was now cancer-free. The rocker attributed his recovery to a “higher power,” a core belief of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“I have a lot of problems now, but it has to be let go of during my recovery,” said Wood. “And when you surrender the result to your higher power, it is a magical thing.”

Wood was open to his fight against addiction and received multiple rehab treatment, according to The Sun. According to the sales outlet, Holz smoked up to “25 to 30 cigarettes a day for about 50 years”.

“That brings you back to the serenity prayer: ‘Give me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change.’ That’s incredible, “said Wood. “What will be will be, it has nothing to do with me. All I can do is stay positive in my attitude, be strong and fight it, and the rest is up to my higher power.”

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Wood has six children, including four-year-old twin daughters Gracie Jane and Alice Rose with wife Sally Humphreys. He said his family and art were the main inspiration for the struggle.

“Art therapy was kind of self-imposed, especially with lockdown. Art made me – express and get lost,” he said. “I would paint (the twins) all the time if I could, but it’s amazing to be with them and just watch them soak it that way.”

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