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Big names from actor Ryan Reynolds to First Lady Jill Biden honor the mothers in their lives for Mother’s Day.

Reynolds, known for his goofy, posts that often raise eyebrows Honoring Mrs. Blake Lively on special occasions got (mostly) sentimental in its homage to the mother of his three daughters: James, 6, Inez, 4 and Betty (19 months).

“It cannot be said enough … you are the heart and soul of every moment this family shares,” Reynolds said on a Sunday Instagram post of himself hugging his wife. “I am grateful for the light and for the kindness that you smuggle into every second of our lives. I see you in the eyes of our children … Every laugh. Every blink and every thoughtful moment of vulnerability being a mother in 2021 is a Act of sheer strength and heroism. ”

But the actor had to include his signature along with the cute comments – he also joked that he’s grateful that an “anonymous” rendezvous at the airport bath led to their relationship after Lively Dog hired The Bounty Hunter to find him .

“Anyway, I’m lucky enough to reflect some of the sunlight that you shine on all of us,” he concluded. “Happy Mother’s Day, my love.”

Gigi Hadid celebrates her daughter’s first Mother’s Day with Zayn Malik

Model Gigi Hadid, who in September greeted their first child she celebrates her first Mother’s Day with the former One Direction singer Zayn Malik Baby khai.

“The rumors are true: my best friend, purpose, muse, greatest pride and joy!” Hadid, 26, wrote on Sunday Instagram next to a slide show of yourself with your baby: rocking them outdoors, pushing them into a stroller and snuggling into bed.

“I feel so happy and inspired by your mom, my Khai !!” She added. “An old soul full of sunshine, you enlighten every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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Jill Biden honors “resilient mothers”

First Lady Jill Biden recognized the role “strong and resilient” mothers have played in looking after their families after a “challenging” year Covid-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has affected every part of our lives, challenged and changed us in ways we could never have imagined,” said 69-year-old Biden in one Video shared on social media on Mother’s Day.

“Whether your kids are 2 or 52 years old, this year has been a difficult year for mothers,” she said. “I know it feels like so much is up to you – it was a lot before the pandemic. And just when you thought you had little to give, you have more. Because you are a mother, and that’s exactly what mothers do. “”

Jill and Joe Biden share a daughter, Ashley, 39. After Joe Biden’s first wife, Neilia Biden, died in 1972, he married Jill in 1977 and made their stepmother to his two young boys: Hunter Biden, now 51, and the late Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46.

“Jill and I never talked about it alone or with the boys, but one day I noticed they stopped calling her Jill,” reflected Joe Biden in his 2007 memoir, “Keeping Promises: About Life and Politics.” “They called her mom. Neilia was always mom, but Jill was mom. I’m used to being in charge, but the truth is, it was Jill and the boys who shaped our newly made family.”

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Since joining the White House, the first lady has advocated a variety of family causes, including Bundling of forces, an initiative that ensures military and veteran families, carers, and survivors have the support they need and education-related concerns. (Biden, who has a PhD in Education from the University of Delaware, is a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College.)

“I’m proud of the way we got together, even though we had to stay apart to support each other in myriad ways,” Biden concluded in the video. “I know how hard you work and I want you to remember that you are strong, resilient and do a great job. From mother to mother: I see you and I thank you.”

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