• November 28, 2023

Salmon Hot Dogs: It’s a Hot Dog. It’s Also Salmon. And I Love It.

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Here’s something about me: I love hot dogs. Here’s another thing about me: hot dogs make my stomach ache. I think it might have something to do with it Nitratesand / or the fact that I can never eat just one (picture one of these) old cartoons where a dog runs away with a whole series of sausage limbs – that dog is me). Whatever the reason, my digestive system, usually a reliable old girl, just can’t handle things. Over the years I’ve tried to learn to love tofu dogs (bleh!) And choose to do so Burger instead (okay, good), but a hot dog-shaped hole remained in my heart. More specifically, a dull burn remained in my stomach caused by the various processed meat tubes that I still couldn’t stop from eating while cooking.

That is, until the day I came over Kvarøy Arctic Salmon hot dogs.

At first I thought what you’re probably thinking: why. But then I shrugged and tossed caution to the wind and a two-pack in my basket. What did I have to lose?

It turns out nothing but the stomach ache. Believe it or not, the greasy, velvety texture of the salmon makes it a great substitute for beef or pork, and a clever shell made of fish keratin means these dogs even have a bit of that signature snapshot in place. The salmon flavor is present but subtle; balance it with one of their infused options – like jalapeño and jarlsberg cheese (my personal favorite) – and you may forget that you are even eating fish. I like to brown them on the grill, press on grainy mustard and horseradish, and watch my Oscar Meyer FOMO fade faster than this sausage terrier fleeing the crime scene.

In all honesty, I would recommend these babies, even if your stomach can handle normal wieners. Because I mentioned that they are really good for you too? We are talking about a full weekly recommended allowance of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids in one serving. Plus they’re better for the planet: Kvarøy’s salmon is sustainably managed in Norway and used Blockchain technology for obtaining transparency. your Salmon burger and hot dogs are made with the ingredients and scraps from their making FilletsThis means that by consuming food you are actively reducing food waste rather than adding to it.

Hot dogs with a side of complacent. What’s better than that?

Kvarøy Arctic Salmon hot dogs

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