SEO Five Tips For Good Findability In Google

True professionals probably still remember the old tips and tricks to make a website score higher in Google’s organic search results. Have a keyword appear in the text as often as possible or even give the background of your website the same color as the font so that it is not even noticed that a keyword is so often on a page. Or create a separate landing page for each keyword to score on as many keywords as possible.

These ‘tricks’ no longer work, and recently Google has also confirmed that the Google Pagerank will no longer be visible in the Google Toolbar. These are great memories, but what is essential in 2021 to score naturally in the search engines? Below I give five tips that should not be missed in your SEO strategy in 2021. At Ignite SEO, they offer three key SEO services, Local SEO, National SEO and eCommerce SEO. These SEO services can be used together or independently, depending on the requirements of your business and your goals. And you can contact them for your Question.

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1. Everything revolves around the user

Nowadays, the user is central, and that is only logical. At Google and, of course, also with other search engines, the user’s optimal search experience is of paramount importance. What does the user expect from a search? What is the intention of this user? In short, how is the user best served during his or her search process?

A good user experience of a website visitor is the most critical factor that Google values. This user experience is measured by Google using a lot of different indicators. How much time do people give to your page? After all, when people stay on a page for a long time, the content will be interesting. And how high is the bounce rate (percentage of visitors who immediately leave a web page)? The higher this percentage, the worse the website score. After all, when people leave a page immediately, the carrier will not be attractive. But also consider factors such as the pages’ fast loading time or the percentage of returning visitors. These are all factors that say something about the quality of a web page.

Google is committed to providing the most relevant and interesting search results to its users. Also, Google increasingly understands people’s intentions in their search behavior, and the search engine is increasingly responding to this. When your shoe store is located in Enschede and is looking for someone at shoe store Enschede, your company will sooner become visible than a shoe store in Hengelo. Also, we see that Google is also making better associations. Google understands that someone searching on ‘buy iPhone 6’ is interested in offers and price comparison sites. Someone searching on ‘iPhone 6 versus 6s’ is more interested in specifications, product-level comparisons, and reviews.

The best advice in an SEO strategy is to let go of old ‘tricks’ and get into the target group’s skin. When you are looking for something, what would you like to see?

2. Content: quantity, but above all quality

An optimal user experience starts with a good website with a fast loading time, intuitive navigation, and an attractive design, but that is not enough. The content on the page that the user visits must also match his or her expectations. Or rather: it must exceed expectations. In addition to all SEO technical aspects, content is therefore significant. SEO and content marketing can consequently no longer be kept together.

There is no specific rule for what this content should look like. It depends on your target group. Is your target group looking for an extensive explanation, or does your target group have little time, and is a concise description better? Or perhaps a visual step-by-step plan, an instructional video, e-book, or downloadable manual is better? Find out what your target group likes and offers this content. Keep in mind that many people have different preferences. Offering various types of content is, therefore, a good idea.

3. Don’t get stuck on exact keywords

By analyzing users’ search behavior, you arrive at a set of keywords with a lot of search traffic. Previously, it was always essential to mention keywords in texts as much as possible and use them in titles. We now see that Google increasingly understands that the use of exact words does not necessarily have to be a good indication of the relevance of a page. Google increasingly understands that people use synonyms for specific words. Consider, for example, the search term ‘transparent sticker.’ It is the same as a ‘transparent sticker.’ Ordinary people use these terms interchangeably. It even makes a text easier to read when you occasionally use synonyms and don’t use the same word all the time. We see that Google understands this better and better and is also making more and better connections.

4. The impact of social media

Social media has a lot of influence on Google search results, and we see that this trend continues to develop more and more. Social media is therefore increasingly displayed in Google search results. Also, your account’s popularity on social media, for example, because it has many likes or followers, is a sign that users like or are interested in your information. Google sees this as an increasingly important indication that you offer interesting information.

5. Mobile viewing is a must

Today, on average, more than half of all website visits are made using a mobile phone. Therefore, it is not surprising that a mobile-friendly website is a must nowadays (and yes, we know very well that this website is not, something with the painter and his house :), is currently being worked hard on). By correctly displaying a website in mobile format, you stimulate the user experience of visitors. The time visitors give to your site is longer, and there is also more chance of conversion than when a desktop view of a site is shown on mobile.


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