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This is a bit embarrassing, but I swore to myself that being brave would be part of my journey, so here: I was on my way home in my Uber XL last night and happened to look out the window. And do you know what I saw? The sunset. And do you know what I realized at that moment?

Everything is going very, very well for me at the moment.

When life feels great, it is important to publicly share it with others to help them. And what should I say? I have my dream job (the working hours are incredibly flexible). I’m engaged to my best friend and we live in a seven bedroom apartment with a laundry room in the unit. And of course there is the other love of my life, our Jack Russell Terrier, Jack Russell. :) His Instagram account just received a direct order from HBO Max!

But to be honest, I haven’t always had the life I have now. I actually didn’t get my dream job in the first few months after college. And being super vulnerable for a second – some of my former significant other broke up with me before I could get engaged to them.

But do you know what is really difficult? Count your blessings. If you think talking about gratitude is cheesy, stop reading this!

I want to start by saying that I am so grateful to my friends. Really, if you don’t have friends who believe in you, I highly recommend that you get some. But also? To be honest? Thanks to everyone who didn’t believe in me. Because you taught me something too. Elasticity. :)

I also want to say that everyone has their bad moments – even me. The other day I started sobbing uncontrollably for no reason and had to leave my personal training early because I was crying too much (to train). So don’t worry if you are still very sad even after you are finally happy!

If you’re in trouble, all I can say is: me. Can you see it. You. If you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I am living proof that if you continue traveling through this tunnel, you will find a light, just a little further than you think you are in Are able to travel!

Or it wouldn’t be a tunnel. It would be a cave.

There is no light at the end of a cave, but you can get out of a cave as well. I have a word for you: “dig”.

God, I feel so brave right now.

My fight is over, but to be 100 percent honest, my journey is just beginning. And honest? Honestly? I know there will be more battles. This is what you learn to expect when you are an Aquarius like me. :)

Oh, one more thing – I have to thank my parents. It took a lot of work to forgive them for all of their mistakes that raised me, but I literally wouldn’t be here if they weren’t for them. Also, it was super nice of them to lend me all the money I needed to buy my apartment.

And I write this with full sincerity.

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