• April 19, 2024

South Korean artist highlights gay rights in military

In South Korea, gay soldiers can serve, but they can be punished for consensual sex. This law is currently under review by the country’s highest court.

Artist and activist Jeram Kang was sexually harassed while serving in the South Korean military. After the army commanders learned that he was gay, Jeram was outed. He was later transferred to a psychiatric ward.

Ten years later, his handwritten testimony, along with stories from other gay soldiers, was turned into an art exhibition highlighting the rights of homosexuals.

This video contains evidence of sexual assault and suicide.

If you are feeling emotionally charged, UK support is available at BBC Actionline or in South Korea at 129, Chingusai and the Center for Military Human Rights Korea.

There is international support for Friends worldwide.

Produced by Julie Yoon and Kevin KimFilmed by Kevin Kim and Jungmin ChoiGraphics: Davies SuryaEditor: Kevin Kim


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