Southlake Says No to Woke Education

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May 7, 2021, 6:25 p.m. ET


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Critical Race Theory’s takeover of higher education may be a fait accompli, but some parents won’t give up K-12 education without a fight. That is the message that voters in the Southlake suburb of Dallas sent last weekend.

The May 1 special election turned into a referendum on efforts to impose a critical race theory on the curriculum and practices of the Carroll Independent School District. The district’s Diversity Council developed what is known as the “Cultural Competency Action Plan” after several students were videotaped and spoken of racist slurs.

The plan called for the district to hire a director of justice and inclusion, encourage students to report to each other about microaggression, and revise the curriculum to make it more alert, among other things.

The parents rejected these indoctrination efforts after the election results. School board nominees Cam Bryan and Hannah Smith loudly rejected the proposal, winning 68% and 69% of the vote, respectively. Southlake Families, a political action committee opposed to the plan, backed two city council candidates and one candidate for mayor. All three won with around 70% of the vote.

National media coverage of the elections predictably portrayed the outcome of the landslide elections as a victory for bigotry. “A school district tried to crack down on racism and a group of parents resisted,” said CNN proclaimed. A story from the Dallas Morning News presented A tweet claiming that Southlake “doubled racism and white supremacy in their local elections”.

No wonder Americans don’t believe much of what they read or hear in the media. The Carroll Independent School District Student Handbook and Code of Conduct already outline the consequences for students who use “ethnic, racial, or gender-based abuse.” And the local


railway station Reports that students pronouncing the arcs were disciplined. This is the right way to hold individuals accountable rather than indicting an entire community.

School council races are typically union-dominated sleeper affairs, but Southlake voters have been alarmed and skeptical about a major overhaul of their children’s education. Perhaps parents in other parts of the country are taking the lesson of how to resist indoctrination, which tells students to race and define themselves by race and gender rather than focusing on learning and achievement.

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