• April 20, 2024

Support the Police, Oppose Misconduct

Columbus, Ohio

America is divided over the support of the police force or the communities they serve. But it’s not an either-or choice.

As the Ohio attorney general, I support the police. I’ve spoken at police memorials and Back the Blue rallies, been to too many crime scenes, and seen firsthand their phenomenal, selfless service. So I asked a grand jury to charge a policeman with murder.

On December 22nd, Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy responded to a report from a man outside a home and regularly turned his sport utility vehicle on and off. Mr. Coy approached the man, Andre Hill, who said he was waiting to pick someone up.

Mr. Coy didn’t believe Hill and stayed. After a second officer arrived, Mr. Coy approached Hill, who was in the open garage door of the house. He ordered Hill out of the garage. Hill relented and held up a lighted cell phone displaying a text message. Mr. Coy suddenly shouted “Gun!” and shot Hill four times and killed him.

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