Tent Rentals – A Guide for Noobs

With the growing economic pressure, it is not feasible for everyone to own everything. Nevertheless, it does not mean to miss out on a precious cherished moment with your friends and family. Tent rentals provide a fantastic opportunity that suits your budget while considering the standard quality of service and other aspects. This article offers a beginner’s guide on tent rental options regarding various occasions and budget constraints.

Need Analysis:

First of all, what is required is to ask yourself why do you need Tent Rentals? Decide the occasion, whether it’s a formal one, informal or semi-formal. Afterward, it is essential to explore viable options for event management and planning (if the budget allows). Now it is time to decide whether the required event calls for special arrangements like heating or cooling.

Types of Tent Rentals and budgets

Agreeing upon a specific budget is necessary to organize and execute an eventuality successfully. The focus must be on needs rather than on wants or desires. It is a well-known fact that that there is no limit to expenses incurred on luxury and comfort. It is, therefore, highly recommended to choose the appropriate service provider for all your tent rental needs. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure quality service and no compromise on standards set by the client. Following are some type of tent rentals available:

1.      Sailcloth Tents:

These Tent rentals have peaks and eaves with some designs of ribbed stitching. They have an oval shape and has wood-like side poles and central poles. Sailcloth Tents offer a perfect combination of past values and present-day fashions. The sizes they come in are 20’x30’, 20’x40’, 20’x50’ with prices starting from 400$ and above.

2.      Commercial Tents:

These tent rentals are suitable for formal events. It is available with a structural aluminum frame and vinyl fabric roof. The rigid framework allows the free-standing of tent rentals without any internal poles. Some options include anchoring as well. These are available in upto10 feet in length and 40 feet widths. The starting price is 800$ and above.

3.      Peak Frame Tents:

These tents are available in a variety of small to medium sizes. As their name suggests, they have a peak in their structure. Primarily suitable for smaller weddings or festivals, these tents are top-rated among the masses. The aesthetics this particular tent type offers is delightful, and it is available with several anchorage options.


While it can be a tiresome task to find the perfect match that suits your needs, these tent rentals provide an economical and quality service at your doorstep. The event planners and management companies take care of all your needs and provide you with tailored options for your event. Tent rental company services include all the arrangements regarding the event, including food, drinks, carpets, furniture, crockery, dance floor, lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc. This hospitality industry certainly has a lot more to offer for tent rentals, and the prospects for success are very prominent for this community.


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