• December 2, 2023

The Andrew Cuomo Standard – WSJ

We’re about to find out if Democrats believe what they say about non-tolerance for sexual harassment. If they do so, they have no choice but to charge Andrew Cuomo as governor of New York.

Mr Cuomo asked Attorney General Letitia James to investigate the many allegations women have made against the governor, and on Tuesday the AG’s outside lawyers released their 165-page report.

The report tells the facts of 11 women who worked for, or became aware of, Mr Cuomo while working in government or in the private sector. Some of the accounts don’t seem to rise to the level of harassment. But many do it, at least according to contemporary standards set and episodically enforced by the political and cultural left.

No corporate CEO or even a junior executive would survive in the job while the trail of bullying, groping, lewdness, unwanted kisses, and lewd indecentities was recorded in the report of six attorneys at two law firms. In one case it is Report says, Mr. Cuomo noted a policewoman he liked at a public event, had her transferred to his personal protection squad even though she lacked the minimum length of time, and then harassed her “on several occasions.”

This included stroking her stomach and back, kissing her on the cheek in the presence of another soldier, and asking for a kiss on another occasion. The reasonable conclusion is that Mr. Cuomo used his power as governor to break the rules of the New York State Police to convict a woman he believed could persuade into a sexual relationship. The report concludes that “the governor has committed conduct which constitutes sexual harassment under federal and New York State law”. In other words, he broke the law.

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