The Best Kitchen Towels Cost Less Than $1 Each, So Stock Up

The first day I walked into a restaurant kitchen, I met the kitchen towels of my dreams, the best kitchen towels I have ever used and will ever use. It was a classic get-together-sweet. They were modest in their simplicity – 100 percent cotton, a soft white with a signature herringbone pattern and a snappy blue stripe. They weren’t like the other kitchen towels at home, those awkwardly large, overly thick, hopelessly fluffy decorative towels that carried pumpkins in the fall and tulips in the spring. These towels were only on display, only oven door accessories. But these Zeppoli kitchen towels was everything I ever wanted in a kitchen towel and more. I was hard hit.

Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels (Pack of 30)

They are just the best. Better than anyone else.

Zeppoli kitchen towels are the pinnacle of towel functionality. They’re super absorbent and ready to tackle spills and splashes. They’re the perfect size and weight – definitely not bulky, but thick enough to handle a hot pan. Since they don’t shed, they’re also an ideal tea towel so you can dry your glasses off without leaving loose fibers all over your clean Stemmed glasses. And no lint means you can submit it for paper towels if a prescription calls for it Squeeze the water out of the tofu or Pat dry slices of salted pumpkin. They are all you need and nothing you don’t need.

Whichever way you fold them, they’re still the best.

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Even if you’ve never worked in a restaurant kitchen and had the special pleasure of starting your shift with a clean pile of these towels on your ward, you’ve probably come across them before. You know the rustic-chic restaurant without tablecloths and the casual style of restaurant? The one with vintage junk on the walls and chicken liver mousse on the menu? Can you imagine the napkin lying on the table right under the mason jar? Water glass? That’s right: a version of the same single-strip kitchen towels I described. I’m not saying your dining table should serve as a farm-to-table restaurant for late kids, but I’m saying these kitchen towels are light and good-looking enough to do the double job Cloth napkins You always thought about buying it, but never got around to it. Very French bistro.

So when you buy a set of these, not only have you solved your kitchen towel problem, but you’ve also turned into the guy who has matching napkins for a dinner party. TWO. TO THE. ONE. INFANT. Listen: you have a phone case and wallet combo because you only have so many pockets and cargo shorts won’t come back no matter what your cousin thinks. (Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published in 2018. We are sorry to have to tell you Cargo shorts are back.) You buy combination Moisturizer and sunscreen, because why have two bottles when one does the trick? So why buy kitchen towels and cloth napkins separately when there is a product that a) fulfills both functions very well, b) is reasonably chic, and c) costs around a dollar?

I will say it louder again. Each towel costs around $ 1!

A 30 pack of white kitchen towels from Zeppoli Classic will run you over $ 31 on Amazon. Unique money for the crème de la crème of kitchen towels that also serve as table linen? This is a huge thing. Maybe you think thirty kitchen towels? Isn’t that a lot? Not if you immediately put a dozen aside for use as napkins (these are for society, not for cleaning up red wine spills) and try to do so too Kick your paper towel habit. Have a pile ready to wipe the countertops, a pile to dry the dishes, and a pile to throw over your shoulder as you cook. In fact, I could argue that it is impossible to have too many kitchen towels– At least not when it comes to the best kitchen towels people know.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 19, 2018.

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