• February 26, 2024

The Breville Joule Sous Vide Is The Best Sous Vide Machine on the Market

I went through a phase where I cooked all the sous vide. This is not an exaggeration. Everything. Pork belly. Chicken breast. Beef short ribs. Salmon fillets. I couldn’t be stopped! Sous vide cooking scratched the same itch as homebrewing, Bake sourdoughand pickling chili peppers – all the scientific food I love. And what made it all possible was the best sous vide machine in the game, the Breville Joule Sous Vide.

Breville Joule Sous Vide Machine

How does it work?

The joule is a slender cylinder the size of a baton. Lower it into a saucepan of water and the joule will heat the water to a certain temperature and hold it there indefinitely. Whatever hangs in that precisely heated water – a bag of halibut steaks, eggs, potatoes, as you call it – will cook at that exact temperature, but never past it.

Have you ever thought about cutting into that expensive piece of meat you bought for a dinner party only to find it dry and well done? With Sous Vide, that will never happen. Instead of exposing a thickly cut chunk of rib to uneven heat from an open flame, gently babysat it in a bath of warm water, which means it will never overcook. Are you worried that your steak won’t taste like a steak without the browning caused by the high heat? No problem. After I have my protein sous vide, I quickly fry it on one frying pan or in one Cast iron pan. Like this pork belly:

Why is the Breville Joule the best sous vide machine in my book?

I’ve used a few sous vide machines in my day, and none are as good as the Joule. First of all, the price is great. Sure, there are cheaper options out there, but $ 200 is a hell of a good thing for such an advanced device.

And when I say advanced, I mean that there is really a next level tech going on here. There are no analog controls that made me hesitate a little at first. You control the Joule entirely via Bluetooth with one App on your phonewhich also gives you cooking temperatures and guidelines for the degree of doneness. Technology – so crazy, right? But it’s easy to control and not at all confusing. I mean, this guy figured it out.

Start your steak in the sous vide machine and finish in the cast iron.

Photo by Peden + Munk

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