• April 21, 2024

The Folio Society’s illustrated edition of You Only Live Twice

In their stunning Ian Fleming series, the Folio Society has just published another illustrated novel: You only Live Twice.

In the eleventh volume of the spectacular James Bond series by the Folio Society, the agent not only fights for his life, but also for his livelihood. You Only Live Twice, the last book published before Fleming’s death, contains everything that makes a Bond novel so exciting: exotic locations, glamorous women, grotesque villains – and at the same time a little more about what makes the agent tick .

You Only Live Twice Folio Society Open Fold Spread

Available at FolioSociety.com

Fay Dalton continues her dazzling work on this series with seven beautiful color images and a breathtaking picture cover. The elegantly restrained binding design hints at both the location of Bond’s latest adventure and the agent’s love for elegant suits.

Folio Society Ian Fleming James Bond Folio Society Illustration Illustration

Illustration © 2021 Fay Dalton from the Folio Society edition of Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice

The story begins with Bond at his lowest ebb. Since Blofeld murdered his wife, all passion for his work has gone, but M is ready to give him one last chance to save his career.

You Only Live Twice Folio Society Illustration Fay Dalton Fleming

In a seemingly impossible mission, Bond must infiltrate the so-called Castle of Death, the home of the mysterious Dr. Shatterhand. This is no ordinary criminal hideout looming on the shores of the Japanese island of Kyushu. With a garden full of deadly plants and poisonous snakes, the site is a real killing machine and hundreds have lost their lives. To get to the heart of the castle and put an end to the madness, Bond must first master the ancient ways of ninjutsu. And he has to master it quickly, because the sinister Dr. Shatterhand has a lot more to offer than what first appears.James Bond You Only Live Twice Folio Book

Illustration © 2021 Fay Dalton from the Folio Society edition of Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice

Book details
– Tied in clogged fabric
– Compressed in Miller-Text with Folio Bond as advertisement
– 232 pages
– 7 full-page color illustrations
– picture cases
– 9 “x 6¼”
– Price: UK £ 39.95 | US $ 69.95 | Can $ 79.95 | From $ 89.95

Earlier titles included in this series Casino royale, Greetings from Russia, Dr., Moonraker, Golden finger, Diamonds are forever, Thunderball, live and Let Die.

See a Overview of all titles here.

Folio Society covers spy who loved me diamonds forever Casino Royale from Russia with Love James Bond

The Folio Society edition of Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice, illustrated by Fay Dalton, is available exclusively from www.foliosociety.com.

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