• December 10, 2023

The Glennon Doyle-Abby Wambach Story Now Includes a Podcast

“You see, she’s screaming,” said Mrs. Wambach and went to the washroom, where she set up her microphone next to a pile of clean socks. “Do you need your glasses, honey?” she called back.

In Untamed, Ms. Doyle writes about a slogan she found years ago in a classroom: “We can do hard things” and says that it saved her life. Nowadays this slogan can be found on t-shirts, posters and coffee mugs. When Joe Biden won the presidency – his team had recruited Ms. Doyle to reach women in the suburbs – his campaign manager tweeted“We can do hard things … and you just did it!”

Now it is the title of her new podcast with the aim of helping her followers (or “community”, as the couple likes to say: “Followers sound iconic”, said Ms. Wambach) to forge deeper connections after such a long time in isolation.

The podcast is hosted by Ms. Doyle and features her sister Amanda Doyle as a co-host. her wife as a frequent guest; Daughter Tish sings the opening song; and an episode with Mr. Melton, possibly about parents, though they’re still figuring out what he and his ex-wife want to talk about. (“I really want to talk to him about dating,” said Ms. Doyle. “I’m so curious about it.”)

There is an episode on “Fun,” one on “Sobriety,” and another titled “5 Fights,” where Ms. Doyle and Ms. Wambach analyze their most common arguments, including the battle over the way they fight – “the most lesbian thing” you can actually argue, “said Ms. Wambach.

They like to joke that they can do hard things, but sometimes it’s the simple things that seem hardest to them. As if Tish was sending a call back to her soccer coach on the phone to discuss when to let the rest of the team know that they were moving. “But what if she asks me, like, ‘What do you want to do?'” Tish said, grimacing. “Well, what would you like to do?” Said Mrs. Wambach. “You have to go inside and think, ‘What do I want?'”

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