• December 10, 2023

The IRS says it’s done sending stimulus checks for now — here’s how to get your money if you were eligible and missed out


The IRS made more than 307 million direct payments totaling $ 412 billion in the first and second rounds of stimulus reviews. See full story.

Reddit millionaire investor wants to tell Congress that I’m as optimistic as ever on the GameStop turnaround

Keith Gill – the single investor who recorded on Reddit and YouTube how his investments in GameStop Inc. made him a millionaire – continues to believe in the video game retailer’s ability to thrive, according to a prepared testimonial to be presented to the House its financial services committee Thursday afternoon. See full story.

22 extra dividend stocks Warren Buffett may want to buy

Its Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate recently began buying shares in Verizon and Chevron – both of which have attractive dividend yields that are well supported by expected cash flow. See full story.

Bill Gates explains why he’s optimistic about preventing catastrophic climate change, despite warning we have no time to waste.

The transition to clean energy must be driven by governments and the private sector – just like the personal computer revolution, says Bill Gates. See full story.

Inflation worries are back. Here’s what to worry about – and what not to

Some economists and investors warn of the risk of rising inflation, even if the US is still struggling to recover from the deepest recession of all time. What is behind these seemingly sudden fears of inflation and how great is the threat? MarketWatch explains. See full story.


“The facts and circumstances of our nation show more than ever the importance of HR 40,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, lead sponsor of a law that could create a commission to investigate reparations for black Americans. See full story.

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