• April 14, 2024

The Shelf Virtual Pop Up Shop Is All About SNACKS

What keeps my mood going during various pandemic-related quarantines? I’m looking forward to the next snack. A warm cup Chai, a piece of sourdough with Tahini butter: This is how I get my work from home. I realize that this is a lot of pressure to put on snacks, which is why the virtual popup is started The shelve is the best news I’ve heard all year.

The online snack shop runs until the end of March and highlights delicious and sustainable products Cookies, crisps, coffee, plant-based milkand more – all hand-curated by Goldune founder Azora Zoe Paknad. Just like Goldune’s homeware list (stylish composter, biodegradable sponges, and cute counter caddies) every product on The Shelf is there to help shoppers cut through the green and virtuously laundered labels. “I went out into the world looking specifically for women and BIPOC-run grocery brands that I think set the bar really high in four main categories: packaging, conservation, agriculture and upcycling,” says Paknad.

Currently 83% of the products on The Shelf are women owned and 33% are founded by people of color. The decision to include diversity as a curation metric was a no-brainer for Iranian-American Paknad. Before starting Goldune, she rarely saw herself or her family represented in sustainable product marketing campaigns, as she puts it: “Waifish White Influencers who sell $ 600 hemp pants that only go up to a size of 8.” So she created the shop she wanted.

But back to the snacks. Each brand you find on The Shelf has a different approach to tackling the climate crisis. However, Paknad says that they all have one thing in common: “They made a decision about the future and chose to be part of the solution, even when it is difficult.” spicy algae sprinkles The electrification of my lunch salads and roasted vegetables happens to be made from carbon-sequestering seaweed. This umami-wrapped Popcorn was grown and produced with 100% renewable energy. And this baking mix company turns wasted by-products into drooling products Cookies and Brownies.

There are tons of great snacks on The Shelf, but these six are the ones that will keep my workdays fueled for all month long.

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