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The ThinOptics Vision Visionary: Gadi Ponté


According to the Vision Council of America, approximately 64% of adults – approximately 164,000 – wear prescription glasses. And almost 100% have lost at least one pair. And that’s ONE couple. In one lifetime, people were thought to lose more than one. But loss is only a challenge. There is another one.

This scenario has likely happened to those who did NOT exactly lose their glasses. It happened to one of the later partners of ThinOptics, Teddy Shalon, an experience that gave him the original idea that turned into ThinOptics in the first place. Teddy was on a bike ride with a friend; and his friend left his glasses at home when he received a text on his cell phone. The friend could not read the text without his reading glasses. So Teddy lent him his glasses. The friend read the text, was grateful and they drove on.

It wasn’t the end of the story.

ThinOptics – Pince-nez glasses.

This shared experience – borrowing glasses on a bike tour for many unforgettable, everyday experiences – formed the basis for what ultimately became the world ThinOptics Idea of ​​creating thin reading glasses, ultra light and easy to store – in a side area of ​​a wallet or on a credit card, a phone or laptop, a keychain or a backpack. They have the ability to literally be with you all the time, which is their motto.

Gadi Pontes trained as an industrial engineer and was a colleague of Teddy. Teddy told him the story and discussed the idea of ​​more accessible, lighter reading glasses. Mr. Ponte agreed to the need and was the one who operationalized the idea. In other words, he knew how to turn the idea into a reality. He was and is the inventor / entrepreneur of the ThinOptics product.


ThinOptics glasses case behind the iPhone.


Mr Ponte was the one who invented all of the product lines – the designs and materials. As he said, “an important one is the pince-nez and I made sure it DOES NOT pinch your nose.”

“Besides,” he continues, “ours ThinOptics Products have unique designs that have not been made before. For example, all of our reading glasses are presented as one piece with no separation between the lenses and the frame. We are also the only ones who paint our frames with a UV printer. “

But what probably also makes the ThinOptics glasses unique is the use of a medical device material called Nitinol by Mr. Ponte, a nickel-titanium alloy with a unique quality: shape memory. This means that it has super elasticity at which the alloy can remember and return to its original shape. It also shows great elasticity under load. It is called the “metal with memory”.

As Mr Ponte says, “It can bend and twist thousands of times and return to its original shape with durability and no loss of resistance. This material is typically used in cardiac stents and orthodontic archwires, cardiovascular guidewires, and transcatheter heart valves. No thought of glasses.


“I thought that in order for our product to always be with you, we would have to use this flexible and durable material to adapt and carry it in a small form factor. It had to be durable, resilient and simply indestructible. “

Mr. Ponte is currently pleased with the progress made by ThinOptics. There are currently two categories at ThinOptics: glasses for immediate reading and glasses for long-term reading. The long-term readers also have a built-in blue light blocker, so hours spent on the computer won’t damage the user’s eyes.

He also says: “All of our future product lines, sunglasses, reading glasses etc., we will use nitinol and flexible stainless steel together with the housing / system so that they are always with your glasses. I can see ThinOptics expanding into on-demand recipes with unique technology, designs, approaches, and disciplines.

“Either way, you will have them when you need them, like them ThinOptics Glasses are both product and solution, mixed as one. “

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