• February 5, 2023

The War on Terror Shifts to ‘Brainistan’

Twenty years ago, 19 of my fellow Arabs carried out the worst foreign attack on American soil in history. These members of al-Qaeda, a radical Islamist group obsessed with jihad, crept legally and apparently without ringing alarm bells to our intelligence and law enforcement agencies and crashed two airliners into the towers of New York’s World Trade Center and a third plane in the country the Pentagon. With a fourth plane they failed because of the actions of courageous and selfless passengers. As a result, nearly 3,000 people were murdered that day, and many more died from the related injuries in the years that followed.

I am mentioning all of this not to remind of the obvious, but to suggest that such immense damage could be done to our nation by a small group of dedicated terrorists. But now, in the name of protecting Afghan nationals who have helped our military and intelligence services – and promising a better life for the hundreds of thousands streaming across our southern border this year – we have created conditions that will serve others, perhaps very much , deadly terrorist attack on the USA are cheap

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