These 71 Easy School Lunch Ideas All Deserve an A+

These school lunch ideas will keep your child fed up and get your parenting testimony thrown out of the park. We know, we know – your kid is a cute snowflake who just wants to eat crustless sandwiches. It’s good! Made from hearty wholemeal slices filled with Avocado Aspirations to the upgraded Miso-laced PB & J. Parents will love it too, you have options. But there is more for all types of young eaters. We’re talking Cauliflower Shingaras (Yes, they should eat vegetables!), Meatballs on weekdays that makes big leftovers, comforting Chicken and Rice Soupcrispy Kale Chips (these are the new chip chips) and Romesco pasta that’s cold as well. Here we have put together all the school lunch ideas that will keep your child’s brown bag full of good things.

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