These Food-Shaped Earrings Make Me Feel Like A Total Stud

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Just imagine: It’s the year 2005 and you and your best friend are making a pilgrimage through the shopping center to the tween girl mecca Claire. “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls booms out of the store’s stereo system while you browse the large rotating shelves with friendship chains and mood rings. They scrape together enough pocket money to share a pack Sushi-shaped earrings and some Skittles-flavored Lipsmackers. Life is good.

When I first met Stud earrings, a direct marketer earring brand that sells the Art of over-equipping to the next generation, I was overwhelmed by the same short-lived Y2K Gurl power. Started in 2019 as a small SoHo piercing studio, Studs has grown into a Gen-Z jewelry juggernaut, offering an extensive collection of over 250 earrings both online and on their site five stationary locations across America. While they don’t have California roll-up earrings like the ones I wore to death in my teens, they do have a range of delicious snacks that are suitable for any food lover like me.

As a proud Zillennial (I say hello to my cross-generational flowing babies from the late 90s), I’m shamelessly prone to cool social media marketing paired with a touch of nostalgia. Shopping for studs provoked an almost obsessive excitement that I hadn’t experienced since the last time I set foot in a Limited Too (may it rest in peace). I spent what seemed like hours browsing the website dreaming of my perfect one Ear landscape– that’s Studs-Speak for your personally curated arrangement of bizarre stud earrings, shimmering hoop earrings and charming huggies (cozy hoop earrings that “hug” the earlobe) that adorn your ear.

When I finally narrowed down my choices, unsurprisingly, what remained in my basket were earrings that looked like food, all of the new Studs loves New York Collection — a zizmorcore-esque collaboration with indie jewelry manufacturers Trash NY. The delectable collection includes over a dozen earrings and charms, most of which are modeled on some of the city’s most iconic foods, such as dumplings Deluxe Green Bo, Challah Dolly‘s buttery braided breads and of course the ubiquitous bagel.

Obviously I had to get my hands on all three, plus a pizza bun complete with cubic zirconia hot peppers. My delicious new bling arrived in the mail in a neon green pouch with laptop stickers and a bow dangle, and felt like I was back in time filling out Tiger Beat quizzes with a sparkling gel pen. I decided to give my earscaping a try by tucking in all four earrings at the same time. Not only did they look super cute, but I was impressed with how light and comfortable the studs were. I have sensitive earlobes that often require me to take jewelry out after a few hours, but to my surprise, I was able to wear my studs all day without irritation and even fell asleep in them! I’m so intrigued (you see?) By my Studs experience that I accidentally became a walking advert for the brand – and now I leave the house every day like an absolute snack and feel like a total stallion.

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