• December 10, 2023

These Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Are Your Spring & Summer Party Staples

Courtesy Fishers Island Lemonade

Ready-to-drink cocktails have always played a special role. Think of beach parties and backyard barbecues where convenience is key. But RTD evolves beyond the appeal of accessibility. Nowadays, the contents of ready-to-drink cans are probably just as “made” as the cocktail your favorite bartender made. Some of our current favorites:

High West Distillery Barrel-Finished Manhattan and Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned Cocktails: When Utah’s first distillery was founded in the 1870s, High west has officially entered the growing premium pre-batch category. The Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned and the Barrel-Finished Manhattan combine the specialties of the High West in terms of whiskey blending / production and mixology. They are mixed with a harmonious blend of bourbon and rye to add complexity. They are then matured in used rye barrels and give a rich, smooth result and rounded end product. The Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned contains plain Demerara syrup for a touch of sweetness, while the Barrel-Finished Manhattan contains two types of vermouth. Enjoy both over ice and garnish with a hint of lemon and orange (Old Fashioned) or a Luxardo cherry (Manhattan).

Courtesy of the High West Distillery

Courtesy of the High West Distillery

Volley Tequila Seltzer: A perfect summer slipper, volley is a new tequila-based seltzer made from just three ingredients: 100% blue agave tequila, mineral water and organic juice. Volley is the first clean tequila seltzer on the market and has 100-110 calories per can. Volley’s gluten-free seltzer are available in four delicious flavors: Zesty Lime, Spicy Ginger, Sharp Grapefruit and Tropical Mango. They can be enjoyed chilled from a can or mixed with margaritas or fun tequila cocktails. Good to know: With values ​​based on ecological sustainability and environmental protection, Volley is currently running beach cleanings and outdoor educational events across the country in collaboration with Volley Don’t leave any traces.

Courtesy of Volley

New sparkling fire caipirinha: Novo Fogo’s popular line of Sparkling capirinhas Contains three flavors: Original Lime, Mango Lime and Passion Fruit Lime. The fresh and delicious trio offers consumers a variety of ways to refine the Brazilian national cocktail with carbonic acid. Each model contains less sugar, fewer calories and carbohydrates, less alcohol per volume and shelf life due to its 100% natural ingredients. Serve chilled straight from the can, over ice in a glass and with or without a lime wedge.

Courtesy Novo Fogo

Canned Cutwater Spirits Margaritas: Cutwater The award-winning portfolio of spirits such as whiskeys, vodka, gin, rum, tequilas and liqueurs are carefully distilled and added to the can range, e.g. B. 10% ABV Strawberry and Peach Margaritas. strawberry With cutwater tequila, strawberry puree and natural flavors. Peach contains cutwater tequila, peach puree, and natural flavors. Yum.

Courtesy Cutwater Spirits

BABE 100 rose:: BABE 100 rose is the newest edition of canned wines from BABE Wine. This rosé is light and refreshing like a seltzer (with only 100 calories and zero grams of sugar), but it’s actually wine! What can you not love with the crunchy and delicious taste of wine and 6.9% ABV? Each can corresponds to a full glass of wine and is perfect for any occasion. The lavender can is easy on the eyes.

Courtesy of BABE 100 Rosé

Fishers Island Lemonade: This premium The Craft Cocktail, made famous at the Pequot Inn, the only restaurant / bar on Fishers Island, NY, is a dual-spirits base of premium vodka and whiskey mixed with lemonade and honey. Three new lemonade-based flavors and an ice pop are new to the Fishers Island lemonade align; It is their first product addition since the company was founded seven years ago. Try Fisher’s Spiked Tea, a new twist on a classic that contains a perfectly balanced blend of the base spike lemonade and fresh black tea. Fishers Pink Flamingo, born of incredible demand, combines this delicious blend of original vodka and whiskey lemonade in barrel with natural cranberry juice, Fishers Fizz, a lighter, bubbly version of the original premium recipe for premium vodka and whiskey lemonade in the Fass, and Fishers Spirit Pops, a unique, fun and innovative offering of the great taste and aroma of FIL, but as a refreshing frozen treat. The Spirit Pops are made with premium vodka, barrel whiskey, lemon and honey for a premium experience.

Courtesy Fishers Island Lemonade

Biza cocktails: Biza are full-bodied premium cocktails from a can made with real vodka and natural tropical flavors. Biza’s four unique flavors include passion fruit peach, pomegranate vanilla, coconut pineapple, and mango jalapeño. The name Biza, originally inspired by the internationally known Spanish island of Ibiza, is not necessarily tied to a specific location, but rather a lifestyle experience – and is a reminder of the fun, music, friends and family you share with Those unforgettable moments.

Courtesy of Biza

Sovi non-alcoholic wine: Sovi started out in California when a wine lover and risky sommelier decided to retire from his daily wine work in the Napa Valley to pursue his dream of making a quality, non-alcoholic wine that they would drink themselves. Sovi Sparkling Rosé is the result – a high quality, flavorful, alcohol-free option with the taste and mood of its alcoholic colleagues.

Courtesy of Sovi

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