This Self Care Founder Wants You to Stop Doomscrolling and Start Drawing Cards

in the Person of interestWe talk to the people we notice about what they do, eat, read and love. Next up is Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of the self-care start-up Inner training.

Taylor Elyse Morrison knows what it is like when wellness feels like another item on your to-do list. Your philosophy? Make your practice cumulative, not stressful. Since her company was founded, Inner training, an online platform that offers virtual self-care resources and experienceShe was more concerned with turning inward and responding to her needs than with sticking to an arbitrary schedule.

A day in the founder’s life looks very different from the hectic stereotype of entrepreneurship. There is a lot of that, of course, but if Morrison longs for a mid-day bath or a moment to scribble in her notebook, she will. As someone who was still figuring out my own self-care style, I was fascinated by their current approach. I definitely felt discouraged than it felt like everyone else on Instagram had their routine self-care “two hours to 8 a.m.” Some days I can comfortably pinch 10 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of reading and recording, and 45 minutes of exercise before work. Other days, I’m lucky if I can manage with a cup of hot water and lemon.

Instead it is available for Pre-order at Kickstarter until March 11th.

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For Morrison, an hour-long routine isn’t always realistic, or even what you need every day. However, it is possible to regain brief moments of care. There is Inner Workout’s newest product – a 50-card deck called InsteadThe idea is that when you’re bored and tempted to grab your phone, grab a card instead. Each offers a bite-sized activity or a call for confirmation designed to help us end the dreaded end of the world, reclaim our logs, and stimulate daily reflection. Suggestions such as “feel your feet on the ground” or “find peace in this moment” encourage contemplation of comparison and offer manageable strategies to feel better. Over time, the idea is that every little moment adds up as you break away from distraction and invest in self-care again.

Instead it is available for Pre-order at Kickstarter Until March 11th. Before the product launch, I spoke with Morrison to find out how she incorporates these principles into her own life, what led to the creation of Instead, and why quality over quantity is important in self-care.

Today for my self-sufficiency … I woke up without an alarm, lay in bed and listened to the noises, then checked the time on my phone. I meditated with that for about seven minutes Insight Timer App. Then I went for a walk with my dog. I later did a barre workout that I was very nervous about because that amount of muscle repetitions hurt! But I decided that I needed it for my body. In the middle of the day I took a bath because I was freezing, so I like to warm up.

I am not interested in … the kind of entrepreneur who is “on” all the time. I’m trying to fight this mentality, and I’ve been really careful about it over the past six months. I remember not always having to be on email or social media. I generally try to read my email four times a day. I allow myself two Instagram visits a day, but I don’t have a strict time limit. I experiment with what feels good, but the goal is to only do what is necessary. My natural state is to work all the time, especially when I enjoy the work. But when I sit here and say that it is important that you take care of yourself and that I burn myself, that does not align with my personal values ​​or the values ​​of my company.

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