Tiger Woods pictured for first time since high speed car accident

Tiger Woods posted a photo of himself on a golf course – the first time he has been pictured since being seriously injured in a car accident in February.

The 15-time major champion was operated on after the accident on open fractures on the right lower leg and other injuries to the foot and ankle.

Woods had a big smile on his face as he stood next to his dog in the square.

“My course is progressing faster than me,” Woods wrote on Instagram.

“But it’s nice to have a loyal rehab partner, a man’s best friend.”

Woods’ car left the road at a speed of 84-87 mph and turned several times during the California accident.

The former number one, 45 and 2019 world champion, who, according to LASD, was “lucky enough to be alive” after the February 23 incident, was the only occupant in his vehicle and was buckled up.

Tiger Woods was seriously injured in the crash


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