• April 21, 2024

Tom Brady rookie card sells for record $2.25 million

While Tom Brady breaks records on the field, he continues to break records on the field. Brady’s rookie card sold for $ 1.32 million in March, which is considered a record high for any football card. Now the same card type has broken that record, selling for $ 2.25 million on Friday.

The rookie ticket card for the 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship is signed and numbered 99 out of 100, which means that only 100 copies of this particular card have been made. The version that was sold to Fitbit CEO James Park in March received an 8 rating and a 10 for the autograph. The card that was sold on Friday was rated 8.5 with a 9 on the autograph, but the buyer for that particular card wants to remain anonymous.

“I wasn’t shocked (by the price), but I was definitely surprised,” said Leland’s President Mike Heffner. “I know the market is up, especially for rare and desirable cards like this one, but I wasn’t really expecting it. I had a hunch that I was only feeling the performance of the other cards over the past month, it certainly was a possibility, but these modern cards are definitely real. “

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Brady’s rookie card broke the record back in March, beating a Patrick Mahomes Card that sold for $ 861,000 in early February. The Mahomes card signed by National Treasures in 2017 was rated a 9 and was one of only five of these specific cards. That sale broke the previous record held by another Brady card that sold for $ 555,988 in January.

The rapid price increase every few months is a perfect example of the boom that the sports card industry has experienced over the past year. For comparison, a higher-rated version of this Brady rookie card, a Mint 9 with a 10 on the autograph, sold for $ 400,100 just two years ago.

Now that same card has dwarfed $ 2 million as the prices of rare and expensive sports cards and memorabilia continue to rise.

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