• April 18, 2024

Tomato Powder Packs Big Tomato Flavor in a Very Small Jar

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I can’t remember the last time I used a full 6 ounce can Tomato paste. Without a doubt, I’ll scoop out ¼ of a cup, transfer the rest to a container, stick it in my fridge, and forget about it until it’s unrecognizable. While tubes of tomato paste don’t go bad nearly as quickly, packing more flavor into a smaller volume (they’re double or double) triple-concentrated), they are more expensive and I go through them quickly.

Tomato powder– which is made from dehydrated and powdered tomatoes – solves both problems. Not only does it stay good for a very, very long time (it stays in your fridge almost indefinitely), but it can also be reconstituted in any concentration you want so you don’t have to wonder if one particular paste is inferior to another. (Maybe something only I worry about?)

You can train your tomato powder anywhere you want to use tomato paste. (As with pasting, you want to be sure cook it until it gets dark and starts to stick – this way you know that the sugar will caramelize and you will get maximum flavor.) Simply mix two parts of powder with one part of water and then set off: Rigatoni with vodka sauce, Rice with tomato and cinnamon spices, Risotto, a Marinade for chicken skewers, etc.

But tomato powder can also go where tomato paste cannot! It’s dry and can be sprinkled, which means you can use it like a seasoning in graters (rubbed chicken wings with tomatoes ???) for fried vegetables or nut mixes. (I had great success creating these Pizza spiced nuts from Food52.) Or mix it with salt and season popcorn with it, as a rim on a Bloody Mary glass or as a finishing touch Focaccia Pre-bake the dough. (I’ll get back to you when I try to replace a few tablespoons of flour in the batter with tomato powder myself.)

While tomato powder is only made from one ingredient (if you guessed tomatoes, you were right), it can still vary widely. The tomato powder out The spice house is clown-nose red and as sweet as the smallest, ripe cherry tomato of summer. Burlap and barrel versionMade from a particular type of tomato grown on Turkey’s Aegean coast and sun-dried, it has an orange-umbra color with a salty, bold taste. I use both in my kitchen: The Spice House version when I want a light, pure tomato flavor (in chilifor example) and burlap and barrels if I want to add complexity and acidity. It’s more of a special occasion shop reserved for side dishes and final flourishes.

In the summer I will mix tomato powder in mayonnaise, then spread it on toast and put thick slices of juicy beef steak on top. With more tomato powder, it will be the most tomato-rich tomato sandwich ever. Well, that might take a while – but my tomato powder will be waiting for me, as good as the day I bought it when the time comes.

Burlap & barrel of tomato powder

Gewürzhaus tomato powder

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