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Trade Ideas | April 2021: Transactions and Rotations

The April 2021 Trade Ideas Report below includes:

  • Trading trading ideas of the week for each week in April.
  • A summary showing how many times HOLLY has traded in the industry and what the profit or loss associated with those deals has been.
  • About trade ideas.

Trade of the week for April

week 1

Regions Financial Corp (RF) We made the trade selections based on components of the regional bank ETFs. While there are many good looking candidates in the sector, Regions Financial Corp (RF) has the best chart and some solid fundamentals. Notably, the stock closed major moving averages on Friday on a record stronger than many other banks out there.

Week 2

Taseko Mines (TGB) Stocks under $ 5 tend to see higher percentage moves over a short period of time. We don’t usually focus on these, but for some reason we can’t ignore them this week. Taseko Mines has been on our radar for a while and the timing seems absolutely perfect for TGB to be the deal of the week. A beautiful wedge break and a retest of this area.

Week 3

Cisco Systems (CSCO) The small and medium-sized companies have not participated in the recent rallies that we see in the major indices. Because of this, we are currently only focusing on one large-cap name. As a sector, the network names seem to be well established for this week. Cisco Systems (CSCO) is one of the biggest names in the sector, and the chart seems to be breaking out of a narrow range.

Week 4

Velodyne Lidar, Inc (VLDR) This week we’re looking for a basing pattern again, rather than a continuation pattern like last week. Velodyne Lidar, Inc (VLDR) is a relatively new release and is showing strong indications that it is below $ 15 here. We’ll discuss the details of the basing pattern in our webinar on Tuesday evening. Please join us then. The falling 50-day simple moving average in blue is the final hurdle that VLDR must overcome. If VLDR can post a few closing days above 50 Sma this week, the chances of a spike increase enormously.

AI for machine learning of trading ideas:

HOLLY, April 2021 overall performance

During April 2021, HOLLY strategized a total of 156 trades out of 218 in March. Overall performance increased 7.1% compared to the SPY’s 4.8%. Overall, in an environment of high volatility and events, HOLLY’s performance continues to fall within acceptable trading scenarios as detailed below.


The following table shows the top 5 and bottom 5 sectors and the performance in each sector. The full risk gain is the earnings per share of the trade, which is held without interruptions and holds until just before the market closes. Corporate licensees and subscribers acknowledge that their hold times will vary beyond the end of the day based on risk management preferences. The overall performance of HOLLY AI in April was 7.1%.

HOLLY performance by sector for April 2021

Top 5 sectors by performance

Lower 5 sectors by performance


Portfolio managers and dealers who use HOLLY can increase performance and reduce risk. HOLLY has no emotional reaction to market conditions. As has been the case since HOLLY was founded, April 2021 proved this principle of HOLLY’s effectiveness.

About trade ideas

Trade Ideas is an artificial intelligence decision-making tool that enables portfolio managers and traders to make better decisions in the exchange.

Trade Ideas identifies opportunities to capture alpha in front of others and in sectors and locations within the market that no one else is looking for.

Overnight, Trade Ideas, HOLLY’s artificial intelligence executes massive structured and unstructured data (market activity, news, social media, etc.) on all US stocks in around 40 different trading strategies, each with multiple algorithms that effectively take into account become tens of millions of simulated trades.

The result is the reporting of 5-7 trading scenarios on each trading day that can outperform the market. Risk guard rails are set for each strategy so that traders are vigilant if an up or down limit is reached during the course of the day.

In addition, Trade Ideas publishes the weekly free trade every week. Visit the website to sign up.



The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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